My Way
Wayne Wonder
Singso Records
Digital Records
January 31, 2013

My Way - Wayne Wonder Track list
  1. Caught Up
  2. Drop It Down feat. Mo-A-Lee
  3. Sweet Dreams
  4. Anna Lou
  5. Crush On You
  6. All About You
  7. Xtra Ordinary
  8. This Time
  9. Like The First Time
  10. If I Ever feat. Mya
  11. Don't Say No feat. Shaggy
  12. Lovely Days
  13. Put Your Drinks Up
  14. Over All
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Since the release of his "Foreva" album in 2007 and his departure from VP Records, little was heard of Wayne Wonder anymore. But now, at last we would say, there's the digital released brand new 14 track album "My Way", which will fully satisfy his many fans. Unlike his previous albums, this one is the 2003 Grammy-nominated singer's first set that sees him having full control over the entire recording process.

Wayne Wonder -- born Von Wayne Charles, 26 July 1972 -- recorded his first single, "Long And Lasting Love", for King Tubby in 1985. After King Tubby was killed in 1988, Wayne Wonder started to work with his friend Dave Kelly with whom he enjoyed a string of hits, starting with "Saddest Day". Throughout the 1990s he continue to record with combination tunes with Buju Banton like e.g. "Bonafide Love" attrating attention. However it was with his signing for Atlantic Records and the song "No Letting Go" on the "Diwali" riddim in 2003 that his career really took off internationally.

Wayne Wonder is blessed with an easy identifiable velvet vocal style that effortlessly extends from sweet lovers tunes right up to dancehall crashers. And, of course, this is once again showcased on "My Way", which luckily doesn't feature efforts that are made with the intention to reach a new audience. On the contrary, the listener is treated to the tried and trusted formula of mixing catchy dancehall tunes with ear-caressing songs that deal with lovers themes.

The album opens with the energetic "Caught Up" across the "Love Bug" riddim, a nice bouncing dancehall tune about a freaky love triangle. More dancehall niceness drops in with tunes such as the infectious "Sweet Dreams", the poppy "Crush On You", the hip-hop flavoured combination tune "Don't Say No" with Shaggy, and the standout "Over All" on Tony "CD" Kelly's "Winners" riddim. It's always nice to hear Wayne Wonder sing sultry love songs and thus it's good to have songs such as the Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor produced "All About You" on the "New Chapter" riddim, the beautiful "Xtra Ordinary" and "This Time" (with his alter ego DJ Suprize doing a nice deejay part) included on this set.

The production of "My Way" is of the highest standard, which makes it a joy to listen to it from beginning to end.