Yehjah & Go A Chant
Concious Riddims Records
CD / Digital Release
June 16, 2013

Hurt - YehJah & Go A Chant Track list
  1. Beginning
  2. Are You
  3. Hurt
  4. Vibes
  5. Selah
  6. Scorn
  7. Love Is Amazing
  8. Alive
  9. Jah Give A Birth
  10. Herbs
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Total votes : 5
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Roots Reggae Musik has endured passing trends and bends innumerable times. It's core and pure message is something it's true audience has always held on. All the while, "going back to the Roots" is here to stay. A fine example of this is the debut album from Yehjah & Go A Chant, called "Hurt". Released on Hawaii based Conscious Riddims; this is a slice of serious Dread Roots with no apology.

Yehjah (Stephens Kojo Osei) is an accomplished chanter/composer from Ghana. In 2008, he linked with Go A Chant; an ultra-tight band with members from Europe, South America and Africa. Daniel Leon is bassie; Sebastian "Risla" handles drums; Luis Garabay is able on guitars and Manel "I" bubbles on keys. This collaboration recorded "Hurt" at Arkchant Studios (Spain) with superior mixing by Fernando Redondo. "Hurt" is a smashing debut album that is reminiscent of Virgin Islands Roots crusaders Midnite but with original ites/gold/green print. It opens with the compelling Beginning. On top of a raw yet refined riddim, Yehjah takes us on a meditative and poetic journey about the earliest of days. This chanter is fe real; true accomplishment! Are You is a bubbling piece of ites. The chanter displays RAW emotion in his delivery - "Youthman are you serious, Mankind, are you serious?" The band is in complete synchronicity and offers a massive musical backbone. The title track is on par with Midnite's early works. Yehjah tells a sordid tale of shattered lives and how Babylon tries to disturb the Rastaman - pure thought and intelligence. It's amazing how the stripped down riddim draws you in with bare essentials. Vibes is Dread across the board. A beautifully crafted riddim that Yehjah gracefully chants in triumphancy. Selah continues in the meditative vein courtesy of a wicked bassline from Daniel and crew. The chanter conveys his message of giving thanks in true poetic justice and order.

Scorn is a riddim tight masterpiece that ranks as the highlight of this Jah gem. Great drum, key and guitar work is the order and the Dread atmosphere and reality stands predominant - great tune! The magic continues with Love Is Amazing. Yehjah's raw emotion will draw you in and make you re-realize about Babylon and it's decadence! Serious matter here! He is a master chanter with no false pretense. Alive boasts a granite riddim section that is hypnotizing from start to finish. The lyrics are so Dread that is reminiscent of Misty In Roots "Earth" masterpiece; it's that good! Jah Give A Birth is of the highest spiritual order and an education of early days with no apology. Herbs received numerous YouTube views and rightfully so. This is no "Ganja Anthem". It's a real interpretation and keen observation of the perfume of Mt. Zion. No false pretense; just representation of something Ital and pure. Beautiful song!

Yehjah & Go A Chant's "Hurt" is an important and necessary example of today's direction of modern Roots Reggae. This natural linking came out of the mists and has managed to capture the pure integrity of King's Musik and there's no indication of trying to outdo themselves or anybody else. They've got their own Ital sound and it's important for them to continue Jah works. Don't miss out on this spiritual experience that demands repeated listening to truly enjoy. The lyrics and riddim offer something new each time you check it. Highest recommendation! Go deh!