Album review
Yeah Man

Tracking list

  1. Summer Flow
  2. Don't Break The Rules
  3. Spotlight
  4. My Girls
  5. Better Jamaica
  6. Ooh Yeahee
  7. Caribbean Mama
  8. Immaculate
  9. Pony
  10. Ice Cream Love featuring Chrissy D
  11. Stamina
  12. Yeah Man
  13. Hot Girls featuring Tolga
  14. Man Dingy
  15. Seņor
  16. U Hear Datt
  17. Do You See What I See
  18. Do Da Boogie featuring Chrissy D
  19. Sexy Body
  20. More Money
  21. The Tide Is High featuring Chrissy D
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Degree - formerly known as General Degree - belongs to the top of the new deejays who emerged in the second half of the nineties. At the beginning of his recording career he set up a rather successful relationship with "Main Street" producer Danny Browne for whom he has recorded extensively. More recently Degree has voiced some wicked pieces for such fine producers as Jeremy Harding, Richie Stephens, Richard "Shams" Browne, Frenchie and Shane Richards, to name a few. Like many of his contemporary fellow dancehall stars he started to do production works himself (under the alias Snapple Dapple) and founded his own "Size 8" label.
Now this somewhat underrated, but nevertheless ever-popular dancehall deejay/producer returns with a brand new CD entitled "Yeah Man", showcasing his recent hit tunes alongside some fresh material. The first two tracks - the Richie Stephens produced "Summer Flow" and "Don't Break The Rules" across the "Energy" riddim - are nice starters, but the real thing is served when Degree delivers the awesome "Spotlight" which is followed by My Girls", a wicked piece over Richard "Shams" Browne "Juice" riddim. And also "Better Jamaica" and "Ooh Yeahee" are above par and very enjoyable efforts. Then two tunes with totally different flavors. "Caribbean Mama" incorporates a heavy rockin' backdrop with a very nice keyboard. This piece strongly benefits from its sound and feel which makes that it grabs you in such a way that it urges one to check it again and again. "Immaculate" is a very infectious tune with a strong latin flavor, recommended for those who want to move their dancing feet from beginning to end. Although the next three tracks - including a rendition of Johnny Osbourne's "Ice Cream Love" - are nice to spin, they fail to cause big exciment. One gets thrilled again when the Jeremy Harding produced "Yeah Man" over the "Lightning" riddim drops in. Although Degree does a wicked combination with German singer Tolga over the "Bitch" riddim entitled "Hot Girls", he really shines in the self-produced "Man Dingy". Then Seņor over the "Mexican" riddim, a solid effort for Richie Stephens' "Pot Of Gold Productions", and the outstanding "U Hear Datt" across the "Trilogy" riddim. Some decline in the quality level of the tracks is witnessed while playing the next three efforts, which also goes for Degree & Chrissy D's rendition of the Paragons' Treasure Isle hit "The Tide Is High". In between one is treated to "More Money", a real killer across the "Turntable" riddim, actually an updated version of Studio One's classic "Rockfort Rock".
Degree's "Yeah Man" is a well varied and entertaining album, truly well worth checking out!!

Teacher & Mr. T