Rock This World
Yes King
Yes King Records
January 29, 2008

Yes King Track list
  1. Tracklisting :
  2. Champion Sound
  3. Style Come Different
  4. Circles
  5. One Of Those Days
  6. Crunch
  7. War
  8. Rock This World
  9. 40 Long Days
  10. Love Revolution
  11. Tommorow Is Another Day
  12. Claude's Theme
  13. Elevate

  14. Bonus Tracks:
  15. Love Revolution (Neon Heights Mix)
  16. Crunch (Richie Poe Mix)
  17. Style Come Different (Monde Green Mix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3 Backing : 3 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
This is a brainchild of production duo Mark Rae and Rhys Adams. You probably know Mark Rae as a figurehead of the UK hiphopmusic scene as 1/2 of Rae & Christian. Back in 2004 Rhys and Mark joined forces producing the album ‘Two Culture Clash’ for Wall of Sound, the pair went to Jamaica to record in situ with local vocalists, the level of activity that followed resulted in a hard-drive full of half-finished rhythms which inspired them to create an album project. The name Yes King originates from a Jamaican greeting which was bestowed by the Jamaican artists they worked with over the course of making the album - the term was used so often that it captured the essence of the project. The title of the album came from reggae legend Dawn Penn’s track ‘Rock This World’ which sets the tone for the album. There is a rich history of Jamaican music in Ladbroke Grove (UK), many London based artists make guest appearances on the album and collaborators Mystro and Sweetie Irie were raised in this area. Logicwise Ladbroke Grove’s Trellick Tower was chosen for the artwork as it is the most prominent landmark in the area. The album production consists of a blend of UK hiphop and dancehall and although conceived in Jamaica, Yes King has a strong London feel.

The album features a bunch of guest vocalists just as eclectic as the production styles; Ayak, Dawn Penn, Veba Tor, Mystro, Kenny Knots, Sweetie Irie, Baby Chann, Prezident Brown and Pete Simpson all lend their talents on this release. I already mentioned the production is 'eclectic', too bad I didn't mean that in a positive way. If you like UK hiphop you probably will love this release, if you are expecting more rootsy reggae tunes you will be dissapointed. The highlights on this album are Champion Sound, Tommorow Is Another Day, Rock This World, Claude's Theme (instrumental hiphoptrack) and Love Revolution (Neon Heights remix). Overall this mainly UK hiphop orientated project fails to impress.

Only those who like UK hiphop or collect everything with Dawn Penn on it, should consider to listen to/buy this album