Live As One ~ Remixes
Zion Train
Universal Egg - Cargo Records
September 21, 2009

Track list
  1. Why Alambic Conspiracy
  2. What A Situation Dub Creator
  3. Boxes And Amps Rob Smith
  4. Baby Father Digital Dubs
  5. Boxes And Amps Vibronics
  6. Give Me Good Sensi Brain Damage
  7. What A Situation De Niro
  8. Boxes And Amps RDK Sound System
  9. Baby Father Weeding Dub
  10. Life That I Choose Professor Skank
  11. Baby Father Dubsync
  12. Terror Talk Studio As One
  13. Why Bungalo Dub
  14. Boxes And Amps Dub Terror
  15. Terror Talk Digital & Lutin
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Having won the Reggae Grammy in 2008 for the original "Live As One" album (released in September 2007) Zion Train return with the remixed version for their own Wobbly Web and Universal Egg label. With remixers from all over the world (not just several European countries but Brasil & Mexico as well) with diverse styles from straight dub to dubstep and drum'n'bass, this is a very successful remix-project resulting in a great remix-album. The release of "Live As One ~ Remixes" will be supported by a tour touching base in at least 15 different countries, lasting until Xmas 2009.

The "Why ~ Alambic Conspiracy" version is a great slow melodica-dub mix from Italy, followed by the wonderful "What A Situation ~ Dub Creator" mix, from Holland's own with King Shiloh Soundsystem affiliated Dub Creator, dubbing up the by Tippa Irie voiced tune to higher heights followed by famous Bristol downtempo & triphop pioneer Rob Smith "Boxes And Amps", a tune that with its Mexican Mariachi influenced horn riffs is a scorcher already, paying tribute to soundsystems in general and the Zion Train Soundsystem in particular.

Digital Dubs from Rio de Janeiro contributes the strange but well-working "Baby Father ~ Baile Step Mix", before Steve Vibronics who rose to fame around the same time as Zion Train in the UK digi-dub scene gives us the true UK steppers approach on "Boxes And Amps ~ Vibronics". Brain Damage from St. Etienne, France deliver a great remix of "Give Me Good Sensi" followed by the almost subdued-gospel "What A Situation ~ De Niro" remix by Italy's Roberto Nirino and a spacy "Boxes And Amps ~ Do You Love The Sound System RMX" by RDK Soundsystem from Croatia.

"Baby Father ~ Weeding Dub" shows a completely different high-percussive approach, before "Life That I Choose ~ Professor Skank" gets the Greek steppers treatment with beautiful dubbed up horns. "Baby Father ~ Dub Sync" is a slow-starter, but its minimalistic approach grabs you more and more as the tune unveils itself into an almost 7 minutes long aural trip with the bassline getting more and more subsonic. The strong "Terror Talk ~ Studio As One" leaves the (thoughtful) lyrics almost in tact, and so do - after the Mexican drum'n'bass "Why ~ Bungalodub" and London drum'n'bass of "Boxes And Amps ~ Dub Terror" (known for his great dubs of Lone Ark productions) - Digital & Lutin in their sped up drum'n'dubstep version of "Terror Talk" to close an extremely satisfying remix-album. Easily one of the best remix-albums that have appeared and will appear this year, a must listen (and then buy) album.