The Truth Shall Be Told
Zacheous Jackson
Rumble Rockz / Red Ground Jamaica Music
CD / Digital Release
September 8, 2014

Track list
  1. 400 Years
  2. Fi Wi Holocaust
  3. The Truth Shall Be Told
  4. Hold On
  5. Better Dayz
  6. Concious Music
  7. They Are
  8. Far Away
  9. Will My People
  10. Fi Wi Yute Dem
  11. Murder Eena Di City
  12. Isrealites Arise
  13. Tribulation
  14. Politician
  15. Come Away
  16. Day Of Yah
  17. Nah Go Get Weary
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Part of the beauty of Reggae Music is discovery. To discover and embrace a crucial sound from an artist on the rise and has all the right credentials. That man is ZACHEOUS JACKSON and his recent debut set "The Truth Shall Be Told" is brimming with urgency, intelligency and observancy inspired by His Imperial Majesty...

Zacheous Jackson was born in London and moved to Red Ground (Negril, Jamaica) at age 15 and has travelled back and forth ever since. This made a huge impact in this talent's life and has never looked back; writing and creating original Roots music with message. He began his career on a Tascam 246 4 Track before entering a professional studio in 1985 and versing himself in many recording techniques. An early release "The Conspiracy" bubbled in Italy's Top 20 for weeks. He has toured internationally; playing in Turkey, Poland, Spain (Rottotom Sunsplash 2010) and throughout the UK (One Love Festival 2009-10) and numerous club dates. His current hit videos "My Woman" and "Give Thanks" are on heavy rotation in Jamaica and the UK. The future is wide open for this forward Rastaman.

The engaging riddims for this set are provided by Jimmy Cui (Rumble Rockz Recordz, Hawaii) whose production and musical skills have graced numerous projects and from Humble Camp Productions (Philadelphia). Zacheous has used the same engineer, Mike Westergaard, since the beginning of his career and does a great job at the mixing board at Studio 99, Plumstead, UK.

"400 Years" is a searingly great song on a subject taken on many artists. Mr. Jackson injects urgent delivery over a full riddim with wise commentary - "the more things change, the more they stay the same". "Fi Wi Holocaust" is a serious observation! Chanting in fine style over an intricate riddim, he reminds us verily so of the atrocities in Africa. He brings intelligence and unique versatility to his songwriting and delivery. The title track is pure ites. Bearing some David Hinds (Steel Pulse) vocalisms, this Rootsman sings sweetly over a riddim rich in bass, drums and horns with great engineering. "Better Dayz" is one of the most solid Roots anthems in a while. Zacheous flows like a champion over a whopping bassline and offers true Hope in these perilous times. He offers true emotion and throaty appeal on the modern and engaging "Concious Music". Pushes the boundaries riddimwise and it totally works. "They Are" is massive! Zacheous cites many influences; seems like David Hinds vocalisms are intertwined in his original style. This is a deep and powerful song that goes far lyrically and musically. "Far Away" showcases the full versatility of his talent. Nice inflection of Dub Poetry with superior arrangements and top ranking bass and key work.

"Fi Wi Yute Dem" features a Steppers riddim that features his solid Dub Poetry again. Mr. Jackson is well versed in Roots, Dancehall and this powerful method of message. Great message to the Youth! "Murder Eena Di City" is a modern Dancehall track with great vision and holds nothing back. Original style. "Isrealites Arise" is a nice Roots anthem with great backing vox and vivid horn blasts. Refreshing delivery with true meaning. "Tribulation" is a bubbling cut that brings memories of the late Dub Poet Michael Smith's "Mi Cyaan Believe It". An insight of how Babylon deals with the righteous Rastaman. "Politicians" is another David Hindsesque gem with a solid organic riddim that he rides gracefully. "Come Away" is a hypnotic skanker that delivers a pertinent message to stray away from brainwash education. Nice delivery! "Nah Go Get Weary" is a great closer. Over a thoughtful riddim, he reminds us to stay strong regardless.

Zacheous Jackson's "The Truth Shall Be Told" is exactly that. He touches on relevant subjects and delivers in a conscious manner that shows observance and experience. The culmination is a solid, solid work. He has a new album in the works with upcoming shows for 2015. Check www.zacheousjackson.com for more info on this Rootsman. Highly recommended. GO DEH!!!!