Ziggi Recado
Zion High Productions
CD / Digital Release
May 31, 2014

Track list
  1. Masquerade
  2. Got It Right Here
  3. Miss Outta Road
  4. Talk About
  5. Luv Injection
  6. I'm Blaak
  7. Don't Disturb
  8. Earthstrong feat. Midnite
  9. Delete My Numba
  10. Jah Mercy feat. Taranchyla & Earl 16
  11. Ras Got Love
  12. Guide Ova feat. Lutan Fyah
  13. Nah Know Bout U
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Reggae gone international! A phrase held true for decades now. Still, it takes time for an artist's original sound to be fully realized from region to region. Netherland's based ZIGGI RECADO has garnered huge raspect and attention throughout Europe for a decade now. His fourth album THERAPEUTIC will extend his popularity the world over with the absolute collaboration with the golden touch of Zion I Kings. Music shows no boundaries and this is Ziggi Recado's time to shine brightly...

Ziggi Recado (Ivan Ricardo Blyden) hails from the Caribbean isle of St. Eustatius. This diverse talent relocated to The Netherlands in 1999 to continue his education. Ziggi was captured by the vibes and immersed himself in the music scene; dabbling in Hip Hop, Funk and other genres before focusing on Roots Reggae. His debut "So Much Reasons" (2006) won numerous awards and included the smash hit "Blaze It" ("Come Around" riddim). He answered on stage with his Renaissance Band; supporting GENTLEMAN on 2007's "Another Intensity Tour" (still remembered as THE European tour of that year.) He released his sophomore set "In Transit" (Greensleeves, 2008) to more acclaim. He changed his name to Ziggi Recado with his 2010 EP "Same Difference-Introducing Ziggi Recado" that featured a wicked duet with Marcia Griffiths. His self-titled third album from 2011 showcased his songwriting maturity and production skills. The single "Mary" still resonates. Now, his musical maturity is on the mountain top on "Therapeutic".

Zion I Kings (Zion High Productions/I Grade/Lustre Kings) are a divine unity who have been paramount in sets from Cornell Campbell, Lloyd Brown, Midnite, General Jah Mikey, Pressure (to name a few) and the results have consistently raised the bar and integrity of King's Musik. They have a formula - bring out the best in the artist and allowing the freedom to roam on riddims that are always original and upright amazing. Special mention to Ras Elliot Leib, Tippy I and JAH David for keeping this unity thriving. The foundation musicians are here again. Jr. Richards and Style Scott on drums. Bassman is JAH D. Guitars are handled by Andrew "Moon" Bain, JAH D. Keys are bubbled by Tippy I. The horn section consists of Balboa Becker, JAH Bless, Grayson Farmer and Frankie Moniz. Percussions are niced up by legends Scully Simms and Norman Grant. Zion I Kings has great studios and engineers in their family. South Beach Studio, Aqua Sounds, Zion High Studios, Audio Vision and Tuff Gong. Great engineering by Tippy I, Moon, JAH David, Gary Woung (big up) and legends Roland McDermott and European producer Umberto Echo. It is apparent that every project has another legend lending talent to the golden sound.

Masquerade is brilliant! In a powerful singjay style, Ziggi Recado demonstrates his songwriting verve with "Babylon recruit for the circus... puppet fulfill the purpose." Add a richly organic riddim and a Dubby mix and you have a TRACK. Mr.Recado has come a long way. Got It Right Here is a Lover's tune with a soulful delivery. Great drums from Jr. Richards and bass/guitar from JAH David. Miss Outta Road is killer. Over a sincere Rockers style riddim with great melodica, Ziggi delivers inna singjay style that is powerful and observant of the material needs of a mystery woman. Talk About has global appeal fe real! Over a skanking riddim laced with great drum rolls, guitar licks and flute, Ziggi delivers a powerful song that brings memories of Jr. Reid's "Rumours" hit but with complete originality. Luv Injection features the tautness of Style Scott and percussive magic of Norman Grant. A bubbling track that really shows the absolute maturity of this artist. Flawless! I'm Blaak is a proud anthem indeed. Aided by acoustic magic from JAH D and backing vox from Rica Newell, Ziggi offers a history lesson and statement with authority. Totally organic affair.

Don't Disturb is a chalice anthem with no malice. Featuring the clean recording by Gary Woung and rich guitar from maestro TUFF LION, Ziggi chants pure intelligence with lyrics like "don't want medicine they certify". This appealing track fires on all levels. Earthstrong gets on the spiritual level with the help of Vaughn Benjamin. A celebration of Life with a soulful touch. Great guitar riffs by guest Iftegaar Abdoelgafoer. The combination of the two artists is a wise approach. A standout selection is Delete My Numba. Mixed by Umberto Echo and featuring the genius of "Flash" Coppola and crew; this is an authentic track of having to leave a lover. Ziggi delivers inna UK Lovers style over a bouncing riddim with great sax work. Killer!! Jah Mercy is big all around! Niced up by the legendary Earl 16 and rising star Taranchyla; we are treated to Aswadeasque horns from Babloa Becker/Jah Bless and the mastery of Style Scott and Scully. Great delivery and great engineering from Roland McDermott and JAH David. The acoustic vibes are prevalent on Ras Got Love with JAH D and JAH Bless offering Rootical riddim. Ziggi proudly proclaims unconditional Love with honor and raspect. Lutan Fyah shows up on heaps of albums (his contribution is always top form). Ziggy and Lutan are dynamic on the powerful Guide Ova. An instant anthem that will resonate in your Heart and Soul.

Ziggi Recado's "Therapeutic" lives up to its title. Soothing, calming with the perfect balance of musical nutrients and essentials. Yes, this is his most powerful set to date. The unique quality of Zion I Kings is that they will take a legendary artist and take the foundation to the next level and they will take an artist on the rise to an audience that will adhere to the best qualities. This is oh so true with Ziggi Recado! If you're not familiar with his original approach or are an avid follower; you need to pick up a copy of "Therapeutic". Highly recommended from start to finish. GO DEH!!!!