Various artists album review
10 To One
RUNN Records
02 - 03 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. LMS - No More War
  2. Prezident Brown - Head Of The Stream
  3. Richie Spice - Rise A Fire
  4. Ce'Cile & Madd Anju - Doesn't Matter
  5. Panache Culture - Le Macho
  6. Tanya Stephens - Same Old Bitch
  7. Vivian Jones - Forever Love
  8. Beezy - Ten To One
  9. Trappa John - A Little Love
  10. Original Uman - Distributeur De Chaleur
  11. Frankie Paul - Dancehall Heroes
  12. Saba Tooth - Love Reaction
  13. Rohan Lee - You're Good
  14. Same - Having A Party
  15. Redemption - Ik Ben Verliefd (Mi Lobi Ju)
  16. Chezidek - Hosana
  17. Yoni Vidal - Spanish Vibes
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5

The music of the late Curtis Mayfield has been a main influence in the history of Jamaican music, which was actually underlined by the release of a "tribute" album featuring well known reggae artists. Especially during the rocksteady era Jamaican performers started dipping into the Curtis Mayfield songbook. Tunes like "People Get Ready", "Choice Of Colours", "Gipsy Woman", "Queen Majesty", "You Don't Care" and "Ten To One" are only a few examples of covers and adaptations who proved successful on the Jamaican market. Many of the rhythms that were built for these songs have proved to be a legacy for successive generations of Jamaican musicians and producers. Now we are treated to a brand new version of the "Ten To One" riddim, which was first laid at Studio One by the Sound Dimension and included versions by the Mad Lads, Cornell Campbell, Prince Jazzbo and Dillinger.
Last year multi-instrumentalist and producer Barry O'Hare and Ian "Beezy" Coleman (guitarist in Ziggy Marley's backing band) revitalized the riddim. Twelve tracks were voiced at Grove Studio in Ocho Rios, Jamaica by well known artists like LMS, Prezident Brown, Frankie Paul and one of UK's premier vocalists Vivian Jones. Another five tracks on this set - featuring Panache Culture, Original Uman, Rohan Lee, Redemption and Yoni Vidal - were done at RUNN Studio in The Netherlands, Europe, due to Barry O'Hare's association with the RUNN Records label. Because this record company doesn't limit itself to put out only music performed in English, the "10 To One" set also contains two songs done in French alongside one in Dutch. Most tunes are solid efforts however the best tracks are LMS's "No More War", Prezident Brown's "Head Of The Stream", Vivian Jones' Forever Love", Frankie Paul's "Dancehall Heroes" and "A Little Love" from the much promising newcomer Trappa John. For those who are familiar with the French language... check Original Uman's wicked "Distributeur De Chaleur"!

Teacher & Mr. T.