Greensleeves 12" Rulers ~ Henry Junjo Lawes 1979-1983
June 28, 2007

Track list
  1. Michael Prophet - Gunman 12"
  2. Eek A Mouse - Wa Do Dem 12"
  3. Barrington Levy - Look Youthman 12"
  4. Wayne Jarrett & Silver Fox - Saturday Night Jamboree 12"
  5. Wailing Souls - Firehouse Rock 12"
  6. Flick Wilson - Slavemaster 12"
  7. Barry Brown - Give Another Israel A Try 12"
  8. Triston Palma & Nica Smart - Mr False Preacher 12"
  9. General Saint & Clint Eastwood - Another One Bites The Dust 12"
  10. Yellowman - Who Can Make The Dance Ram 12"
  11. Michigan & Smiley - Diseases 12"
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Here's the release we (Teacher & Mr.T) have been waiting for! Some 10 years ago we frequently talked about the huge archive of 12inch recordings from Greensleeves. We wondered why they did not reissue those recordings on compact disc for all the vintage reggae lovers around. Now it's finally here... and hopefully many cd's will follow!

"Greensleeves 12" Rulers ~ Henry Junjo Lawes 1979-1983" is the first in a brand new series to coincide with the 30th year anniversary of Greensleeves Records. The series will concentrate on those classic 12" singles that Greensleeves have released over the years and that record collectors remember so fondly - and of which, many have never appeared on CD. The series will be split into "Producer" and genre selections such as "Dub", "DJ", "Vocal" and "Dancehall".

This excellent first selection focuses in on the talents of the late Henry "Junjo" Lawes, a producer who had a very special relationship with Greensleeves from 1979 when the pair scored a huge hit with Barrington Levy's "Englishman". Kingston based Lawes continued to supply Greensleeves with sparse and heavy productions that were to dominate reggae's emergent dancehall culture for the next few years. Lawes was to discover a wealth of newcomers, including Barrington Levy, Scientist, Yellowman, Eek-A-Mouse, Josey Wales, Wailing Souls, Ranking Toyan and Frankie Paul, all of whom released breakthrough albums on Greensleeves.

The first track here is one of the best tunes Michael Prophet released during his long lasting career. Lyrically and musically topnotch hard hitting quality and superbly mixed by Scientist in 1981. Eek-A-Mouse's best known tune Wa-Do-Dem comes next, a tune that needs no introduction. More rootically flavored is Barrington Levy's Look Youthman. The unknown deejay Silver Fox teams up with Wayne Jarret for the wicked Saturday Night Jamboree. The Wailing Souls Firehouse Rock is exclusive to this release and has have seen the light of day, until now. Roots man Barry Brown is in typically sombre style as he tells us Give Another Israel A Try. The popular deejay duo Michigan and Smiley recite a litany of the "most dangerous diseases" and Yellowman licks the 'Three Blind Mice' riddim with his boasting tune Who Can Make The Dance Ram.

All tracks gathered here feature the Roots Radics and were recorded at Channel One and mixed by Scientist, Soljie and Barnabas at King Tubbys studio. The booklet contains extensive sleeves notes, with stories, quotes and previously unseen pictures of Henry "Junjo" Lawes.