The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2006
VP Records
September 26, 2006

Track list
Disc 1
  1. Ganja Farmer - Marlon Asher
  2. Nuh Badda Mi - Perfect
  3. Gash Dem - Chuck Fender
  4. Do You Know - Mr. Vegas
  5. Sensi - Gyptian
  6. Nuh Build Great Man - Fantan Mojah feat. Jah Cure
  7. The Real Thing - Bitty McLean
  8. Heavenly - Alaine
  9. Open The Door - Richie Spice
  10. Herbalist - Alborosie
  11. Holy Words - Bescenta feat. Warrior King
  12. Beautiful Lady - Gyptian
  13. What Will It Take - Jah Cure
  14. No Mercy - Fantan Mojah & Mr. Flash
  15. How Do You Feel - Anthony B
  16. One Love - Sizzla
  17. This Generation - Ras Shiloh
  18. Gangster Love - Bounty Killer
  19. Equal Share - Lutan Fyah
  20. Never Quit - Natural Black
Disc 2
  1. Freedom Of Speech - Chuck Fender
  2. Inna Di Road - Chezidek
  3. Rudy Boy Shufflin - Gyptian & Dwayne
  4. Special Night - Bescenta
  5. Jah Time - Fantan Mojah
  6. Brown Skin - Richie Spice
  7. Jah Jah Cry - Alaine
  8. Couple Chalice A Day - Jah Mason
  9. Chant Dem Down - Sizzla
  10. Rastaman Up In The Hills - Ras Shiloh
  11. Life Be The Same Way - Natural Black
  12. Safe & Secure - Lukie D & Gentleman
  13. Don't Be A Fool - Bescenta
  14. Rise And Live - Gyptian
  15. After All - Norrisman feat. Lutan Fyah
  16. Halfway Tree - Anthony Cruz
  17. Nice It Nice - Natural Black
  18. When You Say - Courtney John
  19. Show A Little Love - Sizzla
  20. Phantom War - Lutan Fyah
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3
Last year's Greensleeves release "The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems" obviously wasn't only a pleasant way to collect a great share of the harvest of successful nu-roots singles for non 7" buyers like me, but seemingly was a pleasant way to collect revenues from not as one-riddim-album licensed riddims for Greensleeves. Lucky me then, as this has paved the way for this "The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2006" double CD packed with hits like Marlon Ashers' "Ganja Farmer" (although this Carribean Underground production is of course a late 2005 tune, but last years edition also appeared before the year was over - but not as early as this time), but there's dancehall as well: Curtis Cole together with Derrick Parker produced the very powerful "Nuh Badda Mi" over what sounds like a dubplate backing lick of the 'Sick'-riddim, that is surely going to gain lots of forwards in the dancehalls this year. Chuck Fender's "Gash Dem" is the non-comprising chartbusting scorcher on the 'Confessions' riddim, produced by Big Yard engineer Shane Brown (the son of legendary Treasure Isle engineer Errol Brown) for his own Juke Boxx, written together with H. Hibbert, and laid together with H. Hibbert, Robert Browne and the aforementioned Christopher 'Longman' Birch, a giant leap in the direction of becoming a well established one-drop producer as well. Mr. Vegas attempt at singing instead of deejaying sounds surprisingly well, as his "Do You Know" over Courtney 'Yogie' Morrison's 'Old Skool'-riddim learns, followed by Gyptian's very strong "Sensi" for Vertex. Next up is Downsound Rockers 'Sweet Sop'-riddim, not only backing the Jamaican chart topping and European dancehalls ruling "Lucky You" by newcomer Nanko, but also this superb Jah Cure & Fantan Mojah combination "Dem Nuh Build Great Man" dem only kill great man before we get a little preview of the album Bitty McLean is recording for Sly & Robbie's Taxi label with the excellent "The Real Thing" over 'Hold On To What You Got'. Nothing needs to be added to all the praises already given to top notch producer Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett, his Don Corleon label and his protégé Alain, with her impressive "Heavenly" over the riddim aptly title 'Heavenly' as well. Bobby Konders latest relick of a classic riddim has been a great surprise, steering away from the often used classic 60s and 70s more mainstream riddims, this time for 'Jah Love' he used Vivian 'Yabby You' Jackson's classic 1974 Prophets tune "Warn The Nation" for the superb melodic Richie Spice tune "Open The Door". Italian (living in Jamaica) Alberto 'Alborosie' Dascola uses Black Uhuru's 'Shine Eye Girl'-riddim for the very nice "Herbalist" of which the video has been banned from Jamaican TV. "Holy Words" is a chant by Bescenta featuring Warrior King over the Nyahbinghi inspired 'Summit'-riddim, like Gyptian's "Beatiful Lady" over the Jamaican adaptation of the 'We Must Rebel'-riddim recorded for Ray Stephens' Vertex label. Another hardcore dancehall producer, like Don Corleon, scoring big hits with very well produced roots riddims, is Wayne Morris, whose 'Istanbul'-riddim backed Jah Cure's beautiful love song "What Will It Take" for the Purple Skunk label. Fantan Mojah teams up with Mr. Flash for the heavily dubbed up "No Mercy" over Lion Vibes Matt Down's produced 'Ever Bless a.k.a. Dub Organizer'-riddim. Anthony B's "How Do You Feel" was one of the great tunes on Kemar 'DJ Flava' McGregor for his No Doubt Records recorded 'Triumphant Rhythm", followed by Sizzla's extremely impressive "One Love" produced by Lloyd 'King Jammy' James who also produced the riddim first time around with Black Uhuru, as it's over 'I Love King Selassie'. Frenchie produced the phenomenal Ras Shiloh song "This Generation" over the brilliant 'Zion Train' riddim and Bounty's by some disguised (but I do like it) attempt at singing "Gangster Love" is the second tune over 'Istanbul', followed by Lutan Fyah's "Equal Share" over 'Critical', yet another (great) roots riddim produced by a hardcore dancehall producer, in this case Karim 'DJ Karim' Thompson for his Stainless label. The last tune of the first disc is Natural Black's "Never Quit" over Ice Berg's 'Essence'-riddim. The second disc opens with Chuck Fender's brilliant comment on the ban of his charttopping "Gash Dem", the hype about "Gash Dem (An Lite Dem)" never seemed to stop despite being banned on the local stations Irie FM, Zip FM and others. During a meeting with members of the Jamaican Broadcasting Commission – Fender has been urged to change the lyrics in "Gash Dem" in order to have it played in prime time radio. As it is right now the lyrics violate the so-called Children's Act, which forbids songs inciting others to do drugs, do violence and other bad behaviour to be played on radio and TV in prime time. Naturally Chuck Fender declined to change anything in "Gash Dem" and has on the contrary written this counter-part to the banning "Freedom of Speech" also produced by Shane Brown for his Juke Boxx label. Chezidek delivers "Inna Di Road" the second tune over the magnificent Massive B 'Warn The Nation a.k.a. Jah Love'-riddim, followed by Gyptian & Wayne covering Israel Vibration's "Rudy Boy Shufflin'" from 1995 in fine style. "Special Night" is Bescenta's lovers tune over Vertex' 'Magnet'-riddim, soulful roots with a great saxophone melody embellishing it, followed by the second tune over 'Confessions', Fantan Mojah's very melodic and convincing "Jah Time". Richie Spice's "Brown Skin" is his heartfelt invitation to his girl over Don Corleon's 'Heavenly'-riddim, before Alaine delivers a conscious tune - but still in her completely own style - over DJ Karim's 'Critical' with "Jah Jah Cry" and Jah Mason rides Katrina 'DJ Sunshine' Irons' latest riddim featuring what sounds like a real melodica 'Fyah' for his smokers anthem "Couple Chalice A Day". Sizzla is in great shape on Byron Murray's one drop riddim 'Street Swing' with the melodic "Chant Dem Down" followed by Ras Shiloh's great take on Lion Vibes' 'Ever Bless a.k.a. Dub Organizer'-riddim "Rastaman Up In The Hills" leaving you wondering why he isn't a world famous singer. Natural Black's "Life Be The Same Way" is the third tune featured over 'Istanbul' and Lukie D & Gentleman's "Safe & Secure" with Gentleman in his 'old style' deejaying rather than singing is a great tune, even though recorded early in 2005. Obviously Greensleeves struck a fine deal with Vertex, as Bescenta is featured once more over the Ray Stephens' produced version of Burning Spear's 'Marcus Garvey' with "Don't Be A Fool". Frenchie's 'Good Over Evil' has in my opinion not received the appreciation this wonderful riddim deserves, with Gyptian's mighty "Rise And Live" showing how wonderful the riddim in fact is. Norris Man & Lutan Fyah's "After All" is a wicked combination, followed by Anthony Cruz fine "Halfway Tree" over a riddim that reminds me of Bunny Wailer, but I can't recall it. Natural Black is in a mellow mood on "Nice It Nice" recorded for his debut album "Far From Reality" for PG Music's Marlon McCubbin. Courtney John delivers the second tune on Fi Wi Music's 'Old Skool'-riddim pleaing his girl to come back home in "When You Say" with vocals and harmonies sounding almost 'Bee Gees'-like. "Show A Little Love" is one of the wickedest over one of the riddims I still hope will appear on a one- or two-riddim sampler, Ice Berg's absolutely brilliant 'Rose Apple'-riddim produced by Don Corleon associate Chris Blake. This almost perfect selection of roots-anthems for 2006 is closed by Lutan Fyah with the title track of his "Phantom War" album produced by Loyal Soldiers Patrick Henry & Nigel Burrell, over the in my opinion a bit too synth-dominated 'Black Shade'-riddim. You must have been buying a whole lot of 7"s in 2006 if you think you can afford not to buy this album as a roots aficionado.