The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2007
October 8, 2007

Sizzla - The Biggest Reggae One Drop Anthems 2007 Track list
  1. People's Choice - Ray Darwin
  2. Rastafari Anthem - Alborosie
  3. Be Free - Pressure
  4. In Your Arms - Munga
  5. I'm Gonna Do My Best - Beres Hammond & Buju Banton
  6. Save The Juvenile - Lutan Fyah
  7. Protect Yu Neck - Tarrus Riley
  8. Love And Affection - Pressure
  9. Over And Over - Tami Chynn
  10. Board House - Nesbeth
  11. Really And Truly - Sizzla
  12. Oh What A Feeling - Warrior King
  13. Strangest Thing - Mr. Easy
  14. Call Pon Dem - Chezidek
  15. Music Alone - Ginjah
  16. Sunshine - Jah Cure
  17. Roadblock - Jah Mali
  18. Roots - Etana
  1. People's Choice - Ray Darwin
  2. Save The Juvenile - Lutan Fyah
  3. Love And Affection - Pressure
  4. Over And Over - Tami Chynn
  5. Board House - Nesbeth
  6. Strangest Thing - Mr. Easy
  7. Call Pon Dem - Chezidek
  8. Music Alone - Ginjah
  9. Roots - Etana
  10. The Story (Documentary) - Alborosie
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In the last two years Greensleeves "The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems" releases obviously weren't only a pleasant way to collect a great share of the harvest of successful nu-roots singles for non 7" buyers like me, but seemingly were a pleasant way to collect revenues from not as one-riddim-album licensed riddims for Greensleeves. Lucky me then, as this has paved the way for this "The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2007" CD, that is, contrary to the two earlier two editions, not a double CD, but a CD combined with a DVD. It might have influenced the number of tunes collected here, it certainly hasn't diminished the quality of the compilation as a whole. I was lucky enough to receive this promo-copy from Münster's always reliable reggae record shop and mail-order Irie Records.

The Jamaican singer now based in Hamburg in Germany, who scored a big surprise hit with "People's Choice" over TAD's 'Mean Girl / I Need A Roof' Ray Darwin opens this album with that splendid song, followed by a European (Italian) based in JA, Alberto Alborosie d'Ascola, whose "Herbalist" propelled him to the top of the charts last year (and gained him inclusion on "The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2006), who takes on the original version of Zap Pow's 'Last War'-riddim (that in its Bobby Konders relick version backed Collie Buddz' massive "Come Around") for his great "Rastafari Anthem". Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon protégés Pressure and Munga both deliver tunes from their upcoming albums for Don Corleon, the great "Be Free" and "In Your Arms" respectively, before Beres Hammond in combination with Buju Banton deliver their take on Donovan Germain's relick for his still active Penthouse Productions of Dennis Brown's classic 'Stop The Fighting' a.k.a. "Stop The Fussing And Fighting" from 1982 and Lutan Fyah contributes his "Save The Juvenile" over Real Lyfe's 'Foundation'-riddim.

Jamaican singing hope, son of Jimmy Riley, Tarrus Riley contributes the great "Protect Yu Neck" containing a sample of the Silvertones' 1967 Treasure Isle tune "Midnight Hour" and Wilson Pickett's soul song "Midnight Hour" recorded for 'Bulby' and 'Fatta''s Fat Eyes label and Pressure delivers his second (Don Corleon produced) tune (which has all it takes to become the instant classic it seems to become) "Love And Affection". I do wonder whether Greensleeves paid enough money for Tami Chynn's "Over And Over (Again) to be featured here exclusively, because this magnificent song over 'Supa' Arif 'Fresh Ear' Cooper's first one-drop riddim inexplicably wasn't included on VP Records "Riddim Driven ~ Guardian Angel" album, before newcomer Nesbeth delivers his smash hit "Board House" over Kemar 'DJ Flava' McGregor's Sizzla rides Bob Marley & The Wailers' 'Natural Mystic'-riddim as relicked by Colin 'Bulby' York & Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall' for the great "Really And Truly" on their Fat Eyes label.

Warrior King contributes the fine "Oh What A Feeling" over Frenchie's 'Ashanti Warrior'-riddim and both Mr. Easy with his great ganja tune (incorporating a Mykal Roze 'Sinsemilla'-sample) "Strangest Thing" and Chezidek with the boom tune "Call Pon Dem" taken from his latest album "Inna Di Road" produced by Massive B's Bobby Konders makes clear what a good choice teaming up together is. Ginjah has never really gained the big breakthrough he always seemed to be able to get because of a lack of consistency, but "Music Alone" for his own I-Land label is a truly wonderful tune, followed by Jah Cure's beautiful "Sunshine" over the brilliant 'All Star'-riddim for First Name's Troy McLean & Garfield Hamilton and the underrecorded Jah Mali contributing the smashing "Roadblock" recorded for Donovan Germain before Etana, Fifth Element Records first lady, closes this CD with the magnificent self-produced soulful "Roots" with its undeniable gospel-influences.

Instead of a second CD (like the earlier two volumes) which would have been my favourite option, a DVD with 9 (rather fine, I'll admit) videoclips and a small feature about Alborosie has been included and the selections on the CD really are so strong, that I don't even think not adding another 20 selections on a second CD harms my judgement of this compilation, as this is a flawless must buy all killer no filler set.