Various artists album review
Jah Warrior Presents 3 The Roots Way
Ranking Joe, Trinty & U Brown
Jah Warrior Records

Tracking list

  1. U Brown - No Wicked Can't Reign
  2. Jah Warrior - No Wicked Can't Dub
  3. Trinity - Humble
  4. Jah Warrior - Humble Dub
  5. Ranking Joe - Solomon's Weed
  6. Jah Warrior - Solomon's Dub
  7. U Brown - Jungle Rock
  8. Jah Warrior - Jungle Dub
  9. Trinity - What Kind Of World Are We Living In
  10. Jah Warrior - What Kind Of World Are We Dubbing In
  11. Ranking Joe - Thanks and Praise
  12. Jah Warrior - Dubwise Praises
  13. Trinity - Cruising
  14. Jah Warrior - Cruising Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

Jah Warrior's latest releases '3 The Roots Way' features three legends of the original DJ era chat non-stop cultural lyrics on a selection of solid roots rhythms. All 3 of these DJs have been in the reggae business for over a quarter of a century, and continue to delight modern audiences around the world with the Blood & Fire Sound System.
Ranking Joe Born Joe Jackson and starting musical life as "Little Joe," this dj worked on the early 70's soundsystem El Paso Hi-Fi and recorded a tune called Gun Court at Studio One. Changing his name to Ranking Joe in 1977 he worked with producers such as Joe Gibbs, Sonia Pottinger and Dennis Brown. His unique fast tongue-rolling style made him instantly recognisable. To roots afficionados some of his finest outings have been on Dennis Brown productions, including the spellbinding dj cuts to DB's own "Slavedriver", "Cup Of Tea", "Home Sweet Home" and Black Uhuru's "Rent Man," many of which can be found on the album "Round The World." Another notable hit in the early 1980's was "Music Business," his dj cut to Triston Palma's "Fussing & Fighting" tune on the Cuss Cuss rhythm. Ranking Joe has also worked with Stereograph and Ray Symbolic soundsystems and now lives in New York.
Trinity had a string of dj singles from the mid 1970's onwards, including "Tallie De Banana," "Vampire," "Eventide Fire", "Come Together" (with Freddy McKay), "Three The Hard Way (with Dillinger and Al Campbell), 5 Man Army (with Dillinger, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell & Jr Tamlin), "Blessed Are The Meek" & "King Pharaoh's Plague" for Yabby U, "Perilous Time" with Mystic Eyes and many others. His albums have included "Teenjam," and his recent Blood & Fire collection of Yabby U produced rarities, "Shanty Town Determination." Doubling as a singer under the name Junior Brammer he has recorded several albums including "Telephone Line" for producer John Dread.
Born in Jamaica, U Brown began his musical career with various sound systems including the legendary King Tubbys Hi Fi. His first album "Satta Dread" was recorded in 1975 for producer Bunny Lee, for whom he voiced 3 other albums, "London Rock", "Revelation Time" and "Starsky & Hutch". The dj's career has encompassed working with the cream of Jamaicas producers (including Ossie Hibbert, Gussie Clarke, Carlton Patterson, Bim Sherman, Leggo, Winston Riley & Linval Thompson) and soundsystems (Socialist Roots, Jack Ruby, Black Harmony, Killermanjaro, Sturmars). Amongst his biggest hits have been titles like "Train To Zion" with Linval Thompson, "Weather Balloon" for his own Hit Bound label, "Can't Take The Praise Without Raise", the dj cut to Dennis Brown's "Praise Without Raise," and "Tushung Peng", the dj cut to Dennis Brown's "Revolution." In recent years the early work of U Brown has been brought to prominence courtesy of re-issue releases by the Blood and Fire and Tabou One labels.
This brand new album comes in the usual Jah Warrior showcase style - seven vocal cuts accompanied by their seven dubs. This is a fine concept as it not only focusses on the vocal delivery of the three deejays, but also fully showcases the skills and talent of producer/musician Steve "Jah Warrior" Mosco, who clearly has an innate feel for roots & culture music. The concept of joining three veteran deejays on one album turns out to be a good concept as it offers the listener a well varied collection of deejay tunes. U Brown is the most powerful deejay on the album, check out the opening track -No Wicked Can't Reign- which will blow you away and the dub is a chilling piece of music. Jungle Rock is another quality piece of music. Trinity delivers three tunes of which Cruising and Humble are solid pieces of deejaying. Ranking Joe comes up with the stand out track Solomon's Weed, a tune with subtle 'Far East' influences. His second tune is called Thanks And Praise, a decent praising tune, with a magnificent dub cut.
It looks like Jah Warrior Records is setting the tone as it comes to UK roots and dub music. This excellent album deserves to become a classic in its own way... check it out !

Teacher & Mr. T.