Tun It Up Of The 4th Kind
HeavyBeat Records
CD / Digital Release
August 25, 2014

Track list
  1. Stevie Face - Da Lovin Yah Nice
  2. Lloyd Brown - No Soul Today
  3. Nikesha Lindo - Talk Of The Town
  4. Kashief Lindo - Let Me Give You Love
  5. The Melodians - It's Alright
  6. Al Campbell - When You Smile
  7. Carl Malcolm - Don't Worry Daddy
  8. Glen Washington - No Jestering
  9. Screwdriver - I'm Leaving
  10. Ambelique - You Got Me Swearing
  11. Kashief Lindo - Glad To See You Again
  12. Geego - Don't Take Things Personal
  13. Mirani Starr - Dream Chaser
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Total votes : 3
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
With his latest juggling project "Tun It Up Of The 4th Kind", producer Willie lindo of Heavybeat Records follows up the 2012 released "Tun It Up 3 Levels" set, which featured an updated version of The Techniques' Treasure Isle Rocksteady classic "You Don't Care". Great Rocksteady vibes are also featured on "Tun It Up Of The 4th Kind", which comes with 7 cuts on the "Let Me Give You Love" and 6 cuts across the "No Jestering", both being revitalized versions of classic riddims. While it's obvious that the "No Jestering" originally is the riddim from Carlos Malcolm's early 70s hit "No Jestering", the "Let Me Give You Love" riddim is the Carlton & His Shoes Studio One scorcher "You And Me aka Love Is A Treasure".

Sweet voiced crooner Stevie Face, who kicks off the "Let Me Give You Love" riddim in fine Lovers style with "Da Lovin Yah Nice", is followed by Lloyd Brown. Vocally the UK vocalist is as good as ever, but lyrically he fails to deliver a decent tune, and thus "No Soul Today" is one of the weakest tunes on this album. Then it's time for Willie Lindo's daughter Nikesha and son Kashief, both delivering satisfying efforts with the previously released singles "Talk Of The Town" and "Let Me Give You Love". The Melodians' "It's Alright" was one of the standout tracks on their 2013 released "Lyrics To Riddim" album, so no surprise it's also one of the highlights here. Also Al Campbell's "When You Smile" is a great tune worth hearing over and over again. Carl Malcolm's "Don't Worry Daddy", which rounds off the first part of this set in a satisfying way.

Then Glen Washington comes up with a well done cover of Carl Malcolm's "No Jestering", while one of reggae's most underrated artists, Screwdriver, delivers the solid "I'm Leaving". It's always good to see the name of Ambelique on a trscklist, especially when he has voiced a new tune. It's truly a joy to listen to the veteran's "You Got Me Swearing". Kashief Lindo makes a second appearance here with his single "Glad To See You Again", which is an nice tune delivered in his well known style. Never heard of Ceego before, but "Don't Take Things Personal" shows he's a singer with a powerful voice. Also Mirani Starr, a Rap/Pop/Reggae recording artist of Asian and Jamaican decent, isn't a familiar name. Although not being an extraordinary tune, "Dream Chaser" is a nice introduction to this aspiring young lady.

All in all a nice and entertaining 2 riddim project.