Various artists album review
Selector's Choice Presents Adonai
VP Records - Walboomers Music
15 - 12 - 2000

Tracking list

  1. Adonai Intro
  2. Heartbreak Hotel - Yvette
  3. Scream & Run - Mr. Vegas
  4. Redder Now (Adonai Dub) - Lexxus (Mr. Lex)
  5. What¹s Your Wish - Merciless
  6. Bow City - Elephant Man
  7. Development - Beenie Man
  8. Circumstances - Ras Moses & Ricky Rudy
  9. Nah Support Dem - Chico
  10. Girls Time - Mr. Vegas
  11. Yuh No Beg - Hawkeye
  12. Full Hundred - Lexxus (Mr. Lex)
  13. Hurt Dem - Elephant Man
  14. The Business - General B & Patchy
  15. Not This Face - Mad Cobra
  16. I Pray - Hawkeye
  17. Bun Yuh Out - Harry Toddler
  18. Peace - Beenie Man
  19. Work Round Dem - Delly Ranks
  20. War Start - Lexxus (Mr. Lex)
  21. Show Me Dem - Elephant Man
  22. Bad Luck - Beenie Man
  23. Bad Man - Alozade featuring Chico & Kiprich
  24. Hunt You - Capleton
  25. Boy Go Look Work - Lexxus featuring Kiprich
  26. Cuyah Cuyah Cuyah - Capleton
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Since their start nearly half a century ago the sound systems (in fact the Jamaican version of mobile discos, with massed gigantic speakers for play in the dancehall, usually an open space that has been fenced off) have been responsible for making or breaking artists and reggae hits. They have been the absolute instrumental vehicle that has helped promote reggae music worldwide and has helped launch the career of hiphop music in the US, which is now the mainstream music in that country. Besides the dancehall tapes from sound systems in action - for example featuring "live" artists passing the mic or a clash between two or more sounds - the second half of the nineties saw the rise of the so-called "juggling" tapes i.e. a sound system playing versions of the latest and hottest riddims without interruption. One of the most popular sound systems of the late nineties, Adonai, busted on the Jamaican dancehall scene through a mix tape that circulated throughout all tape men on the island until it was heard worldwide. It made them one of the biggest juggling sets from Jamaica.
VP Records' brandnew dancehall series "Selector's Choice", is going to feature the hottest and best sound systems. The series kicks off with Adonai "The Sound of the Future" showcasing versions for 5 of the hottest riddims from the year 2000 delivered by the usual suspects in dancehall music. Hot artists like Beenie Man, Capleton, Lexxus, Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas and Harry Toddler perform their deadly goods to the "Hurricane", "Bad Weather", "Orgasm", "Joker" or "Bobo Spice" riddim. And of course, it's the "Adonai" team that mixes everything together and provides the "live" dancehall vibes with their introductions, shouts, and comments in digital clarity. Nice and truly enjoyable CD for those dancehall fans who are regularly looking for sets of the most favorite sound systems of the day. For those who are not familiar to sound system business we can only say... stamina required!

Teacher & Mr. T.