After Dark & Disturbed Riddim
Yellow Moon Records-All Access Entertainment
April 26, 2007

Track list
    'After Dark'-riddim
  1. Just In Case - Wayne Wonder
  2. All Alone - Sean Paul
  3. Here We Go - Voicemail
  4. Dance Hall Lovers - Elephant Man
  5. Own Di Man - Ghost & Unicorn
  6. Iye Iye - Mr. Vegas & Opal
  7. That's Just Me - Shaggy, Christopher, Red Foxx & Screechy Don
  8. One Cloths Gal - Macka Diamond
  9. Tek Set - Spice
  10. Addy A Mi Daddy - Aidonia
  11. Something Fi Chat - Delly Ranx & Lex
  12. Grung Gad - Beenie Man
  13. Tongue Gad - Bounty Killer
  14. Criminal War - Vybz Kartel
  15. Come Defen It - Vybz Kartel
  16. Chat Too Much - Mavado
  17. Warn Dem - Mavado
  18. Lip War - Mad Cobra
  19. Sen Out The Whole A Dem - Ninjaman
  20. Gwaan So Fa - Capleton
  21. Nuh Talk Ova Mi - Elephant Man
  22. Great 'Ole - Vybz Kartel
  23. Pum Pum - Lady Saw
  24. Quint De Pussy - Macka Diamond
  25. Mind How Yuh Dis Mi - Mavado
  26. Wi Nuh Fraid - T.O.K.
  27. Hol 'Em - Busy Signal & Smujji
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Irie FM's Katrina 'DJ Sunshine' Irons made her debut as producer with the as "Greensleeves Rhythm Album #69" released infectious and pounding 'Sunblock'- riddim, built for her own Yellow Moon label by top notch riddim-builder Christopher 'Longman' Birch and mixed by Big Yard's Shane Brown. And just after the release of 'Sunblock', Byron Murray & Clifford 'Mr. Vegas' Smith' In The Streetz label released in their Rhythm Streetz Series DJ Sunshine's sophomore riddim as "Rhythm Streetz Series #4 - Real Life", a co-production with her engineer and road manager Carlton Calvin Reid. And after employing Christopher 'Longman' Bird on her first hardcore dancehall production, she then used the extremely talented and prolific nephew of Lorna 'Breakfast In Bed' Bennett, Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon, the dancehall heavyweight champion of that moment to build yet another dancehall scorcher together with his 'partner in crime' Nigel Staff, the 'Justice'-riddim.

DJ Sunshine, a former Pulse model was a contestant in the Miss Jamaica Fashion Model contest in the early 1990s, but now focuses on music, first as DJ on Irie FM, where she started with the Monday night slot working a show called Night Beat which ran from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am. Later on she moved up to Midnight Spin on Tuesday nights and later The Jam on Wednesdays and currently she is working The Jam on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The sound system which she operates, Queen A Fire has been renamed DJ Sunshine Special Edition and has gotten gigs overseas and locally. At age 32, DJ Sunshine says there are other interests that she would like to explore. On the business side, she operates a store in the Negril area which is a franchise of the Cooyah fashion line. She has also dabbled in the show promotion arena. 'Her' event Fuel began in 2002 and it has been staged at the same venue, Windsor Lawn in St Ann's Bay ever since, but most of all she has become reknown for her productions on her own Yellow Moon Records label over the last couple of years always using top notch riddim builders and mixing engineers, lately roots with what sounded like a real melodica in the 'Fyah'-riddim and these 2 hardcore dancehall riddims 'After Dark' - built by 'man of the moment' Stephen 'The Genius' McGregor - and 'Disturbed' built by Ward 21's Andre 'Suku' Gray.

'After Dark' is a typical mighty impressive Stephen McGregor riddim backing Wayne Wonder's fine lovers lyrics and delivery in "Just In Case", Sean Paul's great (chartbusting potential possessing) gals tune "All Alone" and Voicemail's party scorcher "Here We Go". Elephant Man digs into popchart history once more for the melodyline of his catchy "Dancehall Lovers" based on Stevie Wonder's "Parttime Lover", followed by Ghost & Unicorn's "Own Di Man" where the combination of both unusual (in Ghost's case always slightly off-key) voices works extremely well, Vegas with the aide of newcoming female singer Opal contributing the strong combination "Iye Iye" and the Big Yard posse cut that could top any mainstream chart "That's Just Me" featuring not only that label's popstar and co-owner Shaggy, but also (underrated) singer Christopher, Red Foxx and Screechy Dan.

Macka Diamond - who seems to have lost the attention from the critics but not her at times vicious delivery and lyrics - impresses dissing the "One Clothes Gal" before Dave Kelly protégé Grace Hamilton a.k.a. DJ Spice (who propelled to the top of the female DJ ranks in 2004 with "Fix Mi Good" but then was away from exposure till her recent "Guilty As Charged" on DJ Sunshine's Don Corleon built 'Justice'-riddim and the Dave Kelly produced "Fight Over Man" and "Grab Yuh Hood" over 'Eighty Five' as well as her combination "Rude Boy Love" with Pinchers over 'Stage Show") delivers the excellent "Tek Set" followed by a string of strong haters and war inspired tunes; Aidonia warning them that "Addy A Mi Daddy", Delly Ranks in combination with Lex with "Something Fi Chat", Beenie Man and Bounty Killer with their respective attacks "Grung Gad" and "Tongue Gad" and both current opponents Vybz Kartel and Mavado with two tunes each, the fierce "Criminal War" and "Come Defen It" versus the latter's "Chat Too Much" and "Warn Dem" for now leaving us with a tie between the two.

Mad Cobra delivery fits perfect across the riddim to drop the badman tune "Lip War" before Don Gorgon Ninjaman tries to get himself back into the center of wars and clashes, challenging Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Mavado, asking "Sen Out The Whole A Dem" in the last tune over this extremely powerful Stephen McGregor 'After Dark'-riddim. 'Disturbed', the second riddim compiled here from Katrina 'DJ Sunshine' Irons' Yellow Moon Productions was built for her by Andrew 'Suku' Gray and has a slight soca/latin influence in its percussive straightforward riddim. Capleton's "Wha Dem A Gwaan So Fa" has him blazing fire with anger, Elephant Man delivers "Nuh Talk Ova Mi" but both tunes don't seem able to get the spark across that 'After Dark' lights the fire with.

Vybz Kartel's however is once more delivering a magnificent tune in his role as sex teacher praising his girl's "Great 'Ole", with Lady Saw offering her "Pum Pum" in a great tune and Macka Diamond topping that with her "Quint De Pussy", both representing female slackness to the max. Mavado swings the lyrical theme back to gangsters, war and haters with his only half convincing "Mine How Yuh Dis Mi" followed by T.O.K.'s commanding "Wi Nuh Fraid" and the last tune on which Busy Signal is accompanied by the vocodered vocals of Smujji encouring everyone destined to party to "Hol 'Em" lifting up the lighters to the sky. This CD is a must buy as the 'After Dark'-riddim and the 19 tunes across it are brilliant and though the 'Disturbed'-riddim and the 8 tunes over it might be less impressive, these still range from good to very good, giving more than good value for money for dancehall-lovers.