Greensleeves Rhythm Album #87 ~ Airwaves
February 2, 2008

Elephant Man - Greensleeves Rhythm Album #87: Airwaves Track list
  1. Product Of The Ghetto - Beenie Man
  2. Di Sound - Idonia
  3. Borderline - Busy Signal
  4. Bout K - Assassin
  5. War Fa - Zumjay
  6. Informer - Anthony B
  7. Knock It - Vybz Kartel
  8. One Away - New Kidz
  9. Long Talk - Kiprich
  10. Hot Gal - Macka Diamond
  11. Up Inna Di Video - Firelinks
  12. Hand Up - Perfect
  13. Curious - Tina
  14. Network - Bling Dawg
  15. Promotion - Buju Banton
  16. Buss It Up - Elephant Man
  17. The Order - Spragga Benz
  18. Nothing Nuh Change - Bounty Killer
  19. Airwaves Rhythm - Daseca
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
I do wonder ... ...

whether it is due to the fact that VP Records, one of the world's leading reggae record companies, has announced that it has made an offer to purchase Greensleeves Records & Publishing from Zest Group plc. Suddenly, when even VP Records seemed to have slowed down the pace in releasing dancehall albums in their Riddim Driven series, after a hiatus of more than a year, Greensleeves release Volume 87 in their "Greensleeves Rhythm Album" series: "Airwaves", the great riddim produced by former Bodyguard selector now turned DJ/Producer Dane 'Fire Links' Johnson, who has been successful with his hype riddims 'Mad Instruments', the outrageous 'Chaka Chaka' and the already almost 2 years ago released high energy uptempo riddim 'Global'. Now he's back in the producer's seat with the excellent 'Airwaves'-riddim (built by the Daseca triumvirate - the Harrisingh brothers together with Craig 'Serani' Marsh) with its dominant horn accents and impressive bubbling bass.

Beenie Man opens this album with the absolutely brilliant "Product Of The Ghetto", followed by Idonia whose "Di Sound" is not about the sound of music but about the sound of gunshots, Busy Signal with the great anti-haters tune "Borderline" and Assassin's violent gun tune "Bout K". The (unfortunately) seldom voiced Zumjay is in fine form on "War Fa" and Anthony B really excels on "Informer", before Vybz Kartel shows that this kind of riddim is the perfect backdrop for his superb gangster/guntune "Knock It" and New Kidz impresses (like he has done over the past year constantly) with "One Away". Kiprich shows that he has been voiced lots less maybe over the last year than in the two years before, but he hasn't lost a bit of his vocal and lyrical abilities as his 'real badman' tune "Long Talk" proves, after which Macka Diamond convinces us that she still is a "Hot Gal".

Firelinks is in fine form, that is shouting out his vocals as if he were in a dancehall in front of a crowd even when not doing straight dance instruction lyrics as is the case here on "Up Inna Di Video", followed by Perfect, who is of all 'cultural Bobo chanters' in my opinion the one most convincingly riding hardcore dancehall riddims, here lyrically touching exact the same topic as Munga touched on 'Silver Screen' as he makes clear in "Hand Up" that p*ssy nah fi s*ck batty nah fi f*ck and then it's a big switch in mood for the lovely vocals of beautiful Tina singing her naughty invitation "Curious". Back to badman lyrics again for the very strong "Network" by Bling Dawg and to great fast paced Buju Banton girls lyrics for the very energetic "Promotion". Both Elephant Man with "Buss It Up" and Spragga Benz with "The Order" deliver above par tunes, before Bounty Killer, like Beenie Man celebrating an almost unprecedented successful career in the dancehalls, celebrates being still deyah with his "Nothing Nuh Change" and luckily, the clean instrumental "Airwaves Rhythm" by Daseca is included as well. Will this very recommendable hardcore dancehall one riddim album be the first in a new string of releases in Greensleeves Rhythm Album series? I do hope so!

But I do wonder ... ...

What will happen to each other competing series like "The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems" and "The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems" from Greensleeves when VP Records, releasing their "Reggae Gold" and "Strictly The Best" series, will own the company. There's no other option but to expect the worst and pray for the best.