Various artists album review
All I Have Is Love
Easy Star Records
23 - 03 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Freddie McGregor - My Baby Is Gone
  2. Sister Carol - Listening
  3. Sluggy Ranks & Dr. C - Keep The Faith
  4. Johnny Osbourne & Dennis Brown - All I Have Is Love
  5. Roman Stewart - Soul Power
  6. Judah Eskinder Tafari - Just Another Girl
  7. Empress Trejah - You And Me
  8. Angie Angel - Sativa Info
  9. Jr. Jazz - Can I Change My Mind
  10. Sugar Minott - Give A Hand
  11. Fred Locks - Lifestyles
  12. Pam Hall - There Ain't Nobody Else
  13. Glen Washington - Jah New Love
  14. Ian Sweetness - Almighty Father
  15. Sister Carol - Keep It Real
  16. Motherland Soul - Hear Me Jah Jah
  17. The Visionaires - Home Grown
  18. Dennis Brown - All I Have Is Love
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

New York based label Easy Star Records first release of 2001 is a stunning album, which pays tribute to the most influential record label in Jamaican history, Coxsone Dodd's Studio One. He helped to shape reggae music as we know it today. Countless artists have recorded their best tunes for him, and the Studio One riddims have and will be versioned over and over.
Singer/producer Sister Carol initiated and produced this 18-track tribute album. With the help of Noel Alphonso she organised a top-notch band of musicians to lay down the music and all the tracks were recorded live, without the use of drum machines and computers.
The album features some of the biggest names in reggae music, and some unknown artists like Empress Trejah, Motherland Soul and The Visionaires who lay down some fine tunes. It must be a delight to compile an album like this, because one can pick from a enormous amount of tunes and riddims, all of which have quality stamped all over. Some of the tunes are new versions of classic tracks, while other tunes are new songs across exquisite Studio One riddims. Most of the tunes featured here will be known and loved by the reggae massive all over the world, but for anyone who needs an introduction to the works of Coxsone Dodd, this album could be a perfect start.
It's almost impossible to point out standout tracks, because every track is a winner! Some of our favorite tunes are All I Have I Love from Johnny Osbourne and Dennis Brown. The latter is featured with a solo take on the song. Sugar Minott does a splendid new rendition of Give A Hand, a track from his masterpiece album 'Live Loving', while Sluggy Ranks & Dr. C and Motherland Soul use that song's riddim to deliver equally powerful messages for the youth. Across The Heptones' song 'There Ain't Nobody Else' Sister Carol delivers a fine song called Listening. The same song is covered by Pam Hall. From the renown Alton Ellis comes the original reggae cut of Can I Change My Mind, here superbly done by Jr. Jazz. Both Ian Sweetness and Angie Angel lick Winston Jarrett's 'Up Park Camp'.
These guys at Easy Star Records keep on surprising us with each release. It's a rocking and swinging set of tunes, inspired by the grandfather of reggae music. Wonderful stuff !

Teacher & Mr. T.