Amazing Grace Riddim
Stainless Records
Digital Release
December 12, 2014

Track list
  1. Busy Signal - Today For U Tomorrow For Me
  2. Colli Collie - Hold A Medi
  3. Jah Thunda - Guilty As Charged
  4. Capitol D - Very Dangerous
  5. Busy Signal - Mi Gi Dem
  6. K.W.S.S.C - Amazing Grace
  7. Kananga - Treat The Youths Right
  8. Medina - Choose Ur Friends
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Born Karim Thompson on June 13th 1980 in Kingston, Jamaica, the now Miami/Fort Lauderdale area based DJ Karim developed a love for music as far back as his high school days. He started to DJ on his very own sound called Body Count Disco and after honing his skills he started playing for the popular Renaissance Disco. In the summer of 1998 he formed a musical relationship with Tony Matterhorn, based on his reputation as one of the best DJs in the industry. This pairing resulted in several successful remixes which later gave him the name of 'Remix King'.

His style was unlike anything heard before and launched him into a league of his own. DJ Karim went on to produce several hit remixes, which propelled his career and increased his fan base among both listeners and artists. In 2000, the Remix King extended his fan base with the release of his first mixtape called "Stainless" for the Jamstar Entertainment Group. He went on to release several mixtapes under the "Stainless" moniker and also released his first riddim called "Jetlag" for Jazzy T's Gravi-T Music Label. Since then DJ Karim has gone on to create his own label Stainless Records and has released successful riddims such as "Tequila", "Sudden Change", "Duffle Bag", "The Takeover", "Critical" and "The Inspector". He's behind popular songs like "Willie Bounce" for Elephant Man, "Born And Grow" for Busy Signal, "Sufferer" for Sean Paul, "Nah Rape" for Sizzla, and also contributed to Sizzla's album "In Gambia", among others.

DJ Karim's latest project is the "Amazing Grace Riddim", a mesmerizing slow-paced backdrop that once it has grabbed you never lets lose again. Also lyrically this set doesn't disappoint as the tunes delivered by the artists are full of consciousness - most likely this also goes for Russian vocal group K.W.S.S.C., who partly sing the title track in their native language. Busy Signal, the most successful and internationally best known artist to grace the riddim, takes the lead with two vocal cuts, the very strong message tune "Today For U Tomorrow For Me" and the matching "Mi Gi Dem":
Mi gi dem weh dem want, mi gi dem
Mi gi dem weh dem want, mi gi dem
Dem want roots, mi gi dem
Dem want culture, mi gi dem
Dem want positivity, mi gi dem
Uplifting lyrics, mi gi dem
Dem seh peace & love, so mi gi dem
Substance ina di songs, weh mi gi dem
Dem no want no trouble, me no gi dem
No sadness, no sorrow, no problem, 
but if a more music mi a go gi dem
big up di elders who hav pave di way,
beca' I see dem...
Colli Collie, unknown to us til now, makes a decent impression with "Hol A Medi". The latter is followed by the solid "Guilty By Charge" from Jah Thunda, a Jamaican artist known from Capleton's entourage of Rastafarians named David House Crew. However it's Puerto Rican singjay Miguel Arce Jr aka Capitol D who outmatches these two efforts with "Very Dangerous" (partly sung in Spanish). Also Kananga's "Treat The Youths Right" and Medina's "Choose Ur Friends" are worth hearing, although Medina's (partly) autotuned vocal may not appeal to everyone.

All in all this riddim and its vocal cuts are worth checking out.