Riddim Driven ~ Applause
VP Records
July 12, 2005

Track list
  1. Run Out Pon Dem - Sizzla
  2. Temperature - Sean Paul
  3. Shake That - Red Rat
  4. Tek Time - Kiprich
  5. Imposter - T.O.K.
  6. Eyes On You - Wayne Wonder
  7. Wait A Bit - Capleton
  8. Line Up - Desperado
  9. Tek Dat - K.B.
  10. Lightning Flash - Shane-O
  11. Hurr - Elephant Man
  12. Don't Like You - Assassin
  13. Hype If U Wanna - Mr. Lex
  14. Put It Back - Cobra feat. Delicious
  15. Tell Me Why - Rik Rok
    Vinyl Only Bonus Tracks
  16. Touch The Sky - Tamone
  17. You A Di Wife - Mr.Vegas & Flava
  18. Private Dance - Martina
  19. Who U Waan Dis - Greg Hynz
    CD and Vinyl Track
  20. Applause - Rohan 'Jah Snowcone' Fuller
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Rohan 'Snowcone' Fuller might not be the most profilic producer from Jamaica, but the riddims he released over the past 4 years on his Jah Snowcone imprint and on Natural Bridge have all been impressive hardcore backings for numerous well-known and lesser known artists, like "Riddim Driven ~ Rice & Peas" and its twin "Greensleeves Rhythm Album #18 ~ Bun Bun (aka Rice & Peas Pt. 2", "Riddim Driven ~ The Beach", 'Pen & Paper', 'Pretty Girl', 'Glory' and "Riddim Driven ~ Earth Wind & Flames". Now he's back for the next volume in VP Records' Riddim Driven series with the fast paced bass drops driven 'Applause'-riddim. Like many other dancehall riddims these days, fast & booming, but without oriental violins, banjos or soca influences, just plain hardcore dancehall. And Rohan 'Snowcone' Fuller since the end of last year already released 35 tunes on this riddim, so VP Records could have gone for the double-CD/quadruple-LP here, or Greensleeves could pull off the second batch like they did with 'Bun Bun / Rice & Peas Pt. 2'. Sizzla's hardcore gangster tune "Run Out Pon Dem" is a big tune in JA, unfortunately the B-side of the 7" - Tamone's "Touch The Sky" using the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" chorus - is lacking on this CD release. Sean Paul is very impressive with "Temperature", delivering yet another impressive girls tune to rise expectations even higher for his upcoming album on VP Records, maintaining easily his high ranking with the hardcore massive. Red Rat and Kiprich both deliver entertaining girls tunes with "Shake That" and "Tek Time" and T.O.K. are in very fine form on "Imposter" speaking out against so called friends who disappear as soon as the times get tough. Wayne Wonder contributes the very nice "Eyes On You" incorporating snatches of Arrow's carnival classic "Hot Hot Hot" in the intro. Capleton is very much on top of the riddim for his anti-gunviolence tune "Wait A Bit". Desperado once again (like on Daniel 'Blaxxx' Lewis' 'Slingshot') records a tune outside of Frenchie's camp that is solid but unspectacular and the same applies to K.B.'s "Tek Dat". Shane-O's very catchy (and lyrically serious) "Lightning Flash" is deservedly the biggest tune on this riddim in Jamaica, and should also become the most played tune in dancehalls worldwide with its Jah mek him tunda rollin and di lighting flash / and de pagans dem drop down oh my gosh! / we burn badmind like paper down to trash / we pray to di safety earth / this a di full stop no slash catchy chorus. Elephant Man is back on the hardcore track with gun lyrics on the fast pace deejayed war tune "Hurr" before Assassin bigs up the girls who don't breed every every ten months like dem in his "Don't Like You". Mr. Lex is contributing the fine "Hype If U Wanna" before Cobra is joined by female singer Delicious' sexy voice for the very slack "Put It Back" / put it in / put it in / put it in and Rik Rok who delivers the last vocal tune on this set with the excellent lovers tune why, do you think you love him if he only makes you cry / he don't care about you you can see it in his eyes / if you choose to leave him do you think that you will die / who can figure why, won't you "Tell Me Why". This catchy and entertaining 4 to the floor jump up riddim unveils its infectiousness once more in the clean "Applause Version".