Various artists album review
Authentic Roots Reggae
Walboomers Music
27 - 07 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Luciano - Rebellious Society
  2. Iyashanti - Beat Of My Heart
  3. Dia - Be Careful
  4. Mikey General - Praise The Lord
  5. Cocoa Tea, Determine & Cudjoe - Down The Lane
  6. Yaba Conscious - Reggae Music
  7. Anthony B - Rally Round
  8. Louie Culture - If A No So
  9. Doniki - Feel The Vibe
  10. Determine - Go Through That
  11. Norrisman - Stop Your Lying
  12. Louie Culture & Dia - Jah Is The Answer
  13. Psycho & Cudjoe - Don't Take Drugs
  14. Yami Bolo - Stop The Blood Shed
  15. Goldie Natch - Hey Rudie
  16. Chanter Dub
  17. Reggae Music Dub
  18. Grabber Dub
  19. Compact Dub
  20. School Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

The European distributor for black music, Walboomers Music, puts out its first CD entitled "Authentic Roots Reggae". The company is very active and it's praiseworthily that they have teamed up with the Builders Music Company to release their products. Builders Music Company was formed in 1996 in Kingston by Diavalla (Dia) Fearon. The main purpose is to output the creativity of the organizer, expose new talents and promote positive consciousness. Their motto says : "Making Positive Music For Life". The label got its full recognition in 1999 when they released a riddim called "Grabber". It did extremely well for the label and even got three number one songs in Trinidad : Determine's Go Through That, Anthony B's Rally Round and Louie Culture's If A No So. They have released two previous albums : 'The Warrior' by Dia and 'Skaggae' by Jah D.
'Authentic Roots Reggae' consists of 15 vocal tracks and 5 dubs. Featured here are 5 original riddims : "Chanter" (tracks 1-4 and 16), "Reggae Music" (tracks 5, 6 and 17), the aforementioned "Grabber" (tracks 7-10 and 18), "Compact" (tracks 11-13 and 19) and finally "School" (tracks 14, 15 and 20). The up-tempo "Chanter" riddim makes a decent impression and some well known artists like Luciano and Mikey General ride the riddim with passion and fire. Cocoa Tea, Determine and Cudjoe deliver a noteworthy tune across the "Reggae Music" riddim, whilst Yaba Conscious' style on Reggae Music is reminiscent of the dub poet style of the early 80s. The heavy "Grabber" riddim starts with Anthony B's hit single Rally Round followed by Louie Culture, who puts out one of his best efforts with If A No So, but Determine's cut Go Through That is heavenly ! Next come three pieces across the "Compact" riddim, a slow-paced and melodic flavored riddim with excellent versions by Norris Man -Stop Your Lying and Jah Is The Answer by the combination Dia & Louie Culture. Finally Yami Bolo steps up to perform the wailing Stop The Blood Shed, followed by the unknown Goldie Natch who sings about the rude bwoys in Hey Rudie. The addition of the instrumental versions at the end of the album adds something extra to this excellent album.
"Authentic Roots Reggae" is a splendid roots reggae compilation set.

Teacher & Mr. T.