Various artists album review
VP Records-Walboomers Music

Tracking list

  1. Wayne Wonder - Keep Forgetting
  2. Spragga Benz - We No Inna Dat
  3. Sanchez - Tears On My Pillow
  4. Round Head - Clean Heart
  5. Alley Cat - Protect Me
  6. Mr. Easy - Cease The Violence
  7. Mr. Vegas - Hice It Up
  8. Lexxus, Kiprich, & Wayne Marshal - Lashy Beware
  9. Ward 21 - Vagina
  10. Madd Cobra - Ah Murder
  11. Spragga Benz - Pum Pum Fat
  12. Wayne Wonder - Dead Serious
  13. Sean Paul - Mek It Go So Den
  14. Lady Saw - Go
  15. Alley Cat - Show It Off
  16. Xsytement Gang - Boy No Dweet
  17. Frisco Kid - Nuff Ah Dem
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Producer Lloyd "John John" James is the producer in charge who lines up various cuts for this "two riddim" album, featuring 6 lickshots across the revitalized "Time So Hard/Shank-I-Sheck" riddim and 11 versions over the brand new "Vagina" riddim. Riddimwize spoken you might say "old meets new stylee", but regarding the efforts of the artists involved it is predominantly contemporary Dancehall business all the way. Lyrical deliveries range from reality to slackness, thus making "Awful" an album that will amuse the listener and at times shock as well (although it's obvious that parts of the lyrics in the "explicit" songs are censored, so you'll have to fill in the words by yourself). Best efforts across the "Shank-I-Sheck" riddim are Wayne Wonder's "Keep Forgetting", Spragga Benz's "We No Inna Dat" and Mr. Easy's awesome "Cease The Violence" (a.k.a. "No Gun Argument"). Standout versions over the "Vagina" riddim can be credited to Mr. Vegas ("Hice It Up"), the combination Lexxus, Kiprich & Wayne Marshall ("Lashy Beware") and Sean Paul ("Mek It Go So Den"), the latter however strongly suffering from the ridiculous and hypocrite censhorship policy. Nuff said!

Teacher & Mr. T.