Back To Mount Zion Riddim
Charlie's Records
August 26, 2008

Red Lion - Back to Mount Zion Riddim Track list
  1. Chezidek - I Won't Change
  2. Judge - Education
  3. Fantan Mojah - Hold Dem Heads
  4. Luciano - Just Hold On
  5. Red Lion - Zion High
  6. Ninja Ford - Seh Dem A Bad Man
  7. Aimann Raad - Days I Remember
  8. Ginjah - Give Thanks
  9. McPullish - Aerophonic Dub
  10. McPullish - Dub Change I
  11. McPullish - Just Dub On
  12. McPullish - Zion Dub
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
No matter whether it's a label, producer or artist, it's always good to check a new name in the reggae arena. Sometimes it turns out to be nothing but a total waste of time, but occasionally you run into a worthwhile discovery. The latter goes for the earlier this year released one riddim cd "Back To Mount Zion Riddim" on Charlie's Records. McPullish -- the one who produced, played and mixed the riddim -- has managed to create an intriguing, original rootical reggae sound, which truly differs from the commonly known modern roots riddims.

McPullish (real name Carson Hoovestol) began in Seattle in 2002, spent 3 years stationed in Denver, Colorado and is now based in Austin, Texas where he operates his studio, the DUB Compound. McPullish, who plays drums, bass, guitar, keys, synth, melodica, percussion and whatever else is within reach, has been recording original compositions since the age of 12 and worked on a variety of productions all over the musical spectrum before becoming a certified DUB maniac. His compositions are played in real time, usually the first take, and never sequenced or quantized in a computer. This process gives McPullish a unique, signature sound that stands out from the "computer dub" crowd and the typical roots reggae sound.

The hypnotizing riddim track with its sparkling drum patterns, grooving bass line, and skanking keyboard parts, grabs you from the very first moment and then keeps your ears occupied for a long time. With additional vocals and lyrics of well respected conscious artists like Chezidek, Luciano, Fantan Mojah, and Ginjah (also don't wipe out talented newcomers such as Judge, Red Lion, and Aimann Raad), listening to this album is a real treat. In particular Fantan Mojah's strong "Hold Dem Heads", Luciano's matching "Just Hold On", Chezidek's solid "I Won't Change", Ginjah's powerful "Give Thanks", and Judge's "Education" are worth of hearing. Besides that it's great to listen to tracks like "Aerophonic Dub", featuring Timmy Garofalo's wicked saxophone work, and the haunting "Zion Dub".

Even though we have given this one riddim set repeated listens, it's still a joy to hear it again!