Riddim Driven ~ Baddis Ting
VP Records
January 10, 2006

Track list
  1. Taxi Fare - Mr. Vegas & Mr. Lex
  2. Top Shotta - T.O.K.
  3. Bad Out Deh - Alozade
  4. Bruk Out - Red Rat
  5. No Tiki Tiki - Mr. G
  6. Hotta - T.O.K.
  7. Many Men - Lady G
  8. Under Deh - Kiprich
  9. Do You Wanna - M'Lonie
  10. No Fren Mate - Macka Diamond
  11. Like You - Elephant Man
  12. Ready Fi Kill - Bounty Killer
  13. Defend It - Black-er
  14. Gal Dem Wah We - Monster Twins
  15. Viagra - Harry Toddler
    LP Bonus Tracks
  16. Walk Out - Lady Saw
  17. Woman Ting - Ce'Cile
  18. Pum Pum Tune - Hawkeye
  19. Baddis Ting Riddim - Richard 'Shams' Browne
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Thanks to an advance copy courtesy of the in Münster, Germany situated record shop and mailorder Irie Records I am able to review Richard 'Shams' Browne - of 'Baddis', 'Juice', 'Glue' and 'Intercourse' fame - joining the current trend, that fully came to blossom with retro-riddim 'Sleepy Dog', slowing the tempo totally in contrast to the then still main trend of extremely fast paced riddims in JA. Suddenly more activity from the Studio 2000 production was noticed, as Steely & Clevie's relick of Hugh 'Redman' James 'Koloko/Tight Clothes'-riddim for Rupert 'Q45' Blake's 'Bad Bargain'-riddim gained as much attention as the Leftside & Esco relick of Steely & Clevie's 1992 'Giggy/Mama'-riddim, that was presented as 'Throwback Giggy and their 'Old Truck'-riddim, in fact a late 80s early 90s style interpretation of the Soul Vendor's 1968 Studio One riddim 'Drum Song' as was used in 1991 for Dirtsman's "Hot This Year". And now 'Shams' returns with his own in 1998 at Main Street created 'Baddis'-riddim for his B-Rich label, and it's ruling the dances again. Mr. Vegas (who had with "Jacket" one of the top tunes on the riddim the first time around) & Mr. Lex deliver the very catchy "Taxi Fare" about girls coming to dances in name brand wear, without money for drinks or for their taxi fare. T.O.K. speak and sing out against all haters in the great seh man a real "Top Shotta" / tell dem already man a king toppa toppa / warn dem before we nuh tek tuff chatta / anybwoy violate get gun shotta! shotta! shotta! shotta! contrasting with the aaahaaahaaaah hahaahaaa haaaahaaa-harmonies using the melody of the evergreen "Greensleeves". Alozade is as good as he has proven himself to be on this type of retro riddims, with the catchy harmonies courtesy of Kiprich, on the gangster anthem "Bad Out Deh". Nowaday veterans (and youngsters on the rise riding 'Baddis' when the riddim busted first time) Red Rat with "Bruk Out" and Mr. G - formerly known as Goofy - with "No Tiki Tiki" both deliver very fine tunes, followed by T.O.K.'s second - and as strong - take on the riddim "Hotta", the 'gals version' of "Top Shotta". Veteran female DJ Lady G convinces (once again these days) with "Many Men", before Kiprich delivers the excellent "Under Deh". M'Lonie continues to arouse naughty thoughts with her inviting lyrics delivered in her sexy vocal style in "Do You Wanna" be my big chief daddy / do you wanna slice my beef daddy / if you wanna take a piece daddy / will you make me scream. Macka Diamond is great in her "No Fren Mate" sending out the warning nuh mek nuh gal tek yuh man and chat inna yuh face…tek mi man, back out mi mace and spray it inna yuh blasted face", using Elephant's man dem nuh like we and we no like them hook from "Too Badmind". Elephant Man himself is the next artist to ride the riddim with the extreme slack "Like You" praising the quality of the girl that no girl can .... like you at all. The Warlord Bounty Killer is "Ready Fi Kill" in his violent but great tune. Black-Er's "Defend It" is a very fine effort and so is Monster Twins' "Gal Dem Wah We", fueling the battle of the Twins in the dancehalls, as Greg Campbell and Kevin Miller a.k.a. The Monster Twins claim that although Paul and Patrick Gaynor a.k.a. Twins Of Twins might be 'real' twins, their presence in the dancehalls since riding Shams' 'Juice'-riddim with "Gyal" earns them the title 'real twins of the dancehall'. Harry Toddler delivers a very entertaining tune with "Viagra" and so does Lady Saw with "Walk Out", her warning that she's about to get nasty to the bitch that slept with her only lover. But despite the great tunes by Lady G, M'Lonie, Macka Diamond and Lady Saw the honour of delivering the best female tune goes to Ce'Cile for her superb "Women Ting", complaining we caan hot again cau a di man dem / dem buy off we blouse and we pants dem / dem tief we pink color my God dem, dem a soon come start wear we thong dem, hilarious! Hawkeye adds to the fun with his "Pum Pum song". It's a pity though that these last three tunes weren't included on the CD (especially the Ce'Cile scorcher) but as least the clean version of the great "Baddis Ting Riddim" made it in the end. It's the second time around that Richard 'Shams' Browne proves his 'Baddis'-riddim to be a classic riddim with great tunes on it!