Bang Bang Riddim Vol. 02
Massive B
December 8, 2005

Track list
  1. Gal Remedy - Voicemail
  2. Take It to Them - T.O.K.
  3. Blaze It Up - Choppa Chop
  4. Put Them Off - Elephant Man
  5. Da Agony - Vybz Kartel
  6. Cold - Burro Banton
  7. Gal Over Gun - Vegas
  8. Can Your Boys - M'Lonie
  9. Wine'n - Kiprich
  10. Troubles - King Kong
  11. Kick Off - Benniton
  12. Music Thing - Kharri Kill
  13. Babylon A Talk - Monster Twinz
  14. Da Agony (Radio Edit) - Vybz Kartel
  15. Blaze It Up (Radio Edit) - Choppa Chop
  16. Bang! Bang! Riddim - Richard 'Shams' Browne
  17. Bang Bang Medley Mix
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
NY producer and selector (and the man behind NYC's most listened-to dancehall show "On The Reggae Tip" on the famous Hot 97, a show I tried to catch each week when living a couple of months in the tri-state area 5 years ago) Bobby Konders of the Massive B label and Massive B Sound System takes us into 2006 with a bouncy 'Bang Bang'. After being responsible for the until now one-off "Greensleeves Official Dancehall Mix-Tape 1", then teaming up for his very successfull 'Wanted'-Riddim taking us into 2004 with T.O.K.'s big scoring "Gal Yuh Ah Lead" and a year ago into 2005 with the great 'Rah Rah', Bobby Konders once again has Richard 'Shams' Browne of 'Baddis' and its 2005 relick 'Baddis Ting', 'Juice', 'Glue' and 'Intercourse' fame build the riddim. It's really a 'more bounce to the ounce' riddim really making you feel its forward pressure, and it's used to full effect by every artist, first Voicemail who know that for what they want the only relief is the "Gal Remedy", followed by yet another anti-haters and anti-homosexuals song by T.O.K., the excellent "Take It To Them" and Choppa Chop visiting the same theme on his very strong "Blaze It Up". Elephant Man's entertaining semi-tribute to Jamaica "Put Them Off" shows he listened very carefully to Ini Kamoze's "Shocking Out" from 1988, before Vybz Kartel once more shows he is the lyrical slackness master currently, in his typical hated by some loved by some - and I am one of the latter - style. Legendary DJ and Massive B stalwart Burro Banton is on top of the riddim with his di yutes dem of today yah dem a move "COLD"!!! and Vegas stresses that original badman put "Gal Over Gun" in a catchy take on the riddim, M'Lonie is great in her twist of the Pussycat Dolls "Don't Cha", here reworked into "Can Your Boys" give good loving / can your boys do that / can they please you all night long / can they do that / can they make you scream my name in ecstasy / can they touch special places only known to me. Kiprich contributes the very catchy tribute to a girl's dancing nobody can test when yuh "Wine'n". Singjay King Kong, another longtime veteran never failing on a Massive B riddim, contributes the very convincing remake of his 1986 early-digital-era tune "Trouble Againg" retitled "Troubles". Newcomers Benniton and Trinidadian bobo Kharri Kill both convince with their respective rough voiced "Kick Off" and the great tribute to Selassie and music "Music Ting". Monster Twins, about whose controversy with Twins Of Twins can be read more in the review of Richard 'Shams' Browne 'Baddis Ting' (see above for the link to it), deliver the fine "Babylon A Talk", before we get the "Da Agony (Radio Edit)" of the Vybz Kartel tune and the "Blaze It Up (Radio Edit)" of the Choppa Chop tune, followed by the clean version of this very infectious bouncy "Bang Bang Riddim. The CD is closed by a 17 minutes-10 tunes "Bang Bang Medley Mix", including pull-ups, an MC, sound-FX and more rehashing the tunes in the following order, T.O.K. - "Take It To Them", Mr. Vegas - "Gal Over Gun", Voicemail - "Gal Remedy", Kiprich - "Wine'n", M'Lonie - "Can Your Boys", Elephant Man - "Put Them Off", Choppa Chop - "Blaze It Up", Burro Banton - "Cold", Vybz Kartel - "Di Agony" and Benniton - "Kick Off" closing this very entertaining album.