Various artists album review
Below The Radar ~ The Best Of Wordsound Dub
20 - 07 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Wordsound I-Powa - Dungeon Of Dub
  2. Dubadelic - Operation Duppy Conquerer 2001
  3. Slotek - Born God
  4. Spectre - Mayday/Nightstalker
  5. Roots Control - Forward Roots
  6. Spectre - Revelations
  7. Slotek - One
  8. The Weakener - Closed Door
  9. Dubadelic - High
  10. Bill Laswell & Style Scott - Crooklyn Dub Syndicate
  11. Scarab - Fall Of The Towers Of Convention
  12. The Eye - Stolen Moments
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5

The label ROIR started in 1979 as a cassette-only label, specializing in hardcore, punk, reggae, ska, dub and world music. Now, twenty years later the company realizes that the cassettes are becoming 'artifacts' and 'collector's items' and started re-releasing the best of their back catalog on cd, completely digitally remastered - as well as new, never before released albums from cutting-edge artists.
This release features the works of Skiz Fernando Jr. who has assembled his best underground Dub, an evil stew that bubbles up from your gut from the 50 albums he has released internationally in the last 6 years. His label has never been a record label in the traditional sense. A lot of his productions have escaped detection by the general public due to the lack of proper dustribution and promotion. The kind of dub music he produces is a minimalised style of dub and is regarded as some of the boldest and imaginative music ever released. The music found here is more a feeling than a sound, it must be experienced through subwoofers, not dull theocratic prose. A desription of the music would come to something like this : "a neo-industrial carpet of extra-terrestial sounds with tons of effects and distortion".
This album is only for those who dare to listen and are willing to enter the world of Wordsound.

Teacher & Mr. T.