Kinky Music Reggae Riddims 01 ~ Beware Of Dog Dancehall Riddim
Kinky Music
January 4, 2008

Track list
  1. War Mi Nah Fraid A - Bounty Killer
  2. Emotional Crisis - Brinsley Forde
  3. Tengan Cuidao - GhettoX
  4. Señor Agente - Chulito Camacho
  5. Nah Get Away - Nicky B
  6. Intentan Someterme - Rude Buay
  7. TV - Ill Inspecta
  8. High - Lukie D
  9. Ya Cayó Una Más - Bandido
  10. Pond Side - Lexie Lee
  11. Lache Toi - Julius
  12. ¿Y Tú A Quíen Tienes? - Lion Sitté
  13. Los Boys Del Ghetto - Tapón
  14. It's All About Dancin' - Mad Killah
  15. Van Para Mal - Hermano L
  16. Like Army - Dr. Ring Ding
  17. Contacto - Banton
  18. Cuidado - Rap'Susklei Y Karty Er Nene
  19. Pull Up Selecta - Nemo
  20. Beware Of Dog Riddim - Chulito Camacho
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
We had German, Swiss, Austrian and French riddims rivaling Jamaican productions before in 2005 Spain's Rachid 'Kamikaze' Baggasse and Josue Luque 'Chulito' Camacho for their Kinky Music label sent the excellent 'Black Rain'-riddim in the dancehalls. And now, almost 2 1/2 years later Josue Luque 'Chulito' Camacho returns for Kinky Music with the (what sounds like a big shot of Tony Matterhorn's 'Scoobay' and a pinch of reggaetón) hardcore 'Beware Of Dog'-riddim, presenting a wide range of artists from all over the world, including well-known Jamaican and European artists as well as newcomers and lots of Spanish-language artists.

One of the biggest DJs, the Warlord Bounty Killer opens this set very impressive with "War Mi Nah Fraid A" and then the true standout song over this riddim "Emotional Crisis" is delivered by Brinsley Forde invoking memories of the strongest tunes by his former group Aswad. GhettoX's "Tengan Cuidao" is a strong tune, with this Costa Rican artist sounding like the Spanish version of Mr. Vegas, followed by producer and riddim builder 'Chulito' Camacho's own convincing "Señor Agente" and Jamaica's unfortunately underrecorded Nicky B with "Nah Get Away". The next artist from Costa Rica Rude Buay also steps up to the challenge of making a good first impression of his talents with "Intentan Someterme", before Germaica's Ill Inspecta delivers the excellent and very entertaining "TV", Lukie D sings the strong ganja tune "High" and Bandido from Panama makes a fine debut with "Ya Cayó Una Más". Ill Inspecta's female road-companion for much of the year, the 'Warlords' Daughter' Lexie Lee once more shows she is on course to reach the highest ranks of female dancehall DJs and France's Julius autotunes his vocals to give us an impression of what a 'Gangsta Ras' in French would sound like with "Lache Toi".

Spain's Lion Sitté with "¿Y Tú A Quíen Tienes?" and the third artist representing Costa Rica on this compilation Tapón with "Los Boys Del Ghetto" lend with their Spanish lyrics a bit more of a reggaetón vibe to the riddim, before France's Mad Killah as always is completely on top of the riddim in "It's All About Dancin'" and Spain's Hermano L speedraps in fine style through "Van Para Mal". Dr. Ring Ding contributes a tune styled after a 'Jamaican dance instruction' but with great self-boasting lyrics telling he is going to takeover "Like Army", followed by Banton (once more a Costa Rican) with "Contacto" and the fierce Spanish DJ-combination Rap'Susklei with Karty Er Nene impressing with "Cuidado". The rather pleasant (though nasal) sounding French Nemo delivers the last vocal tune over this riddim "Pull Up Selecta" - that is despite its English hookline completely in French - before the clean version of 'Chulito' Camacho's "Beware Of Dog Riddim" shows how catchy his backing for this strong collection of tunes on his Kinky Music label is, wholeheartedly recommended for all dancehall aficionados.