Bigg Reggae Jamz Vol. 1
Biggy Music
Digital Release
December 23, 2014

Track list
  1. QQ - No Boring Zone [Explicit]
  2. Konshens - Drink and Rave
  3. Bugle & Mr Easy - Never Let Go
  4. Kalado - Kitty Pretty [Explicit]
  5. Deep Jahi - You Are The Finest (aka Conversation)
  6. T.O.K. - Rain Drops
  7. Tanto Metro & Devonte - Can't Get Enough
  8. Platnum - Passed Away
  9. Bugle - Dem Cya Know
  10. Wayne Wonder - My Direction
  11. Tanya Stephens - Wine Up Pan Mi
  12. I-Octane - Gal Anthem
  13. Beenie Man - Push It Back
  14. Skinny Fabulous - Wine and Stop
  15. Charly Black feat. Firm - Bubbles & Clip [Explicit]
  16. Konshens - Caribbean Party
  17. Mr Easy - Gweh
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Razz & Biggy formed a collaboration for over a decade and became one of the most travelled DJ teams from the Jamaican Reggae & Dancehall scene. Besides that they also started producing their own riddim projects in recent years, which brought them hits from artists like QQ, Beenie Man, Bugle and more. However this collaboration has come to an end and now they are working on their own. Razz has founded his own Razzattack Muzik label, while Biggy releases his production works on the Biggy Music imprint.

"Bigg Reggae Jamz Vol. 1", the first compilation set put out by Biggy Music, features some of their biggest Dancehall hits from 2013-2014. The album instantly opens with one of them, QQ's 2014 summer hit "Nuh Boring Zone". The young artist calls out the boring gals in this song and declines to have them grace his ramping shop. Konshens' "Drink And Rave" -- exclusively premiered on Razz & Biggy's mixtape "One More Year" -- reflects on the hard work that it took to allow him to enjoy his current success and reaffirms his belief in the supreme being. The Dancehall vibes continue to flow with Bugle & Mr Easy's "Never Let Go" which, just like T.O.K.'s "Rain Drops" and Tanto Metro & Devonte's Can't Get Enough, comes across the "Love & Dancehall" riddim. The soon to be released brand new "Wow Riddim" underpins Kalado's "Kitty Pretty".

It's not a Dancehall ting alone as this collection also features a few Reggae tunes. These include Deep Jahi's You Are The Finest (aka Conversation), Bugle's "Dem Cya Know", Wayne Wonder's "My Direction" and Tanya Stephens' "Wine Up Pan Mi", all solid efforts over the very nice "Red Tam" riddim. And there's also Platnum's moving "Far Away", a conscious song that makes a good impression. I-Octane's 2013 single "Gal Anthem" takes the listener back to Dancehall music. It's followed by four tracks on the "Caribbean Party" riddim, a Soca fueled Dancehall backdrop with Beenie Man's "Push It Back" and Konshens' "Caribbean Party" being the best cuts.

Overall opinion is that this is an enjoyable and entertaining compilation set for all party people.