Riddim Riddin #1 ~ Bionic Ras
South Rakkas Entertainment Inc
June 8, 2005

Track list
  1. Long Time - Capleton
  2. Spring Break - Sizzla Kalongi
  3. Mad Love - Bounty Killer
  4. It's Your Body - Mr. Easy & Kid Fareigna
  5. Goodas - Vybz Kartel feat. Marlene
  6. Those Girls - Frankie Paul
  7. U Tight - Beenie Man
  8. Rain Check - Mad Cobra
  9. Lock Off Anthem - Gabriel
  10. How Di Ting Go - Kananga & Zaire
  11. All Night Party - Dynamite MC
  12. What U Want - JD (So Solid Crew) feat. Malica
  13. Adi O - Ninja Kid & Bajie Man
  14. Tonight - Brick & Lace
  15. Money O - Macka Diamond
  16. Pat U Cat - Bigga Boss
  17. See It Deh - Marlene
  18. Shotta Holiday - Ward 21
  19. Pony - Jah'Zay & Sanke
  20. Good Good Good - Kid Fareigna
  21. Printa - Tornado
  22. Pancakes - Big Fish
  23. Bashment Girl - Lady Empress
  24. Bionic Riddim - South Rakkas Crew
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4
What a riddim! It's been described as a nasty riddim, grimey electro booty shaker, super futuristic, a techno/dancehall bubbler, ragga, grime and funky house, the first independent release by Orlando's South Rakkas Crew in their Riddim Riddin series. The production team of Jamaican Canadians in Florida Dennis 'Dow Jones' Shaw, Alex 'Alex G.' Greggs and Brad 'Riprock' Daymond already were responsible for two big riddims released in Greensleeves Rhythm Album series: 'Clappas' and its successor 'Red Alert', and now strike with their latest riddim 'Bionic Ras', probably best described as a 2-step / speedgarage riddim, the kind normally blaring from carspeakers and estates in Harlesden in North West London, the hometurf of a.o. the Suncycle Crew who on their Levels (Brokwile Part 3)" and their one riddim album collaboration with Peter 'Galaxy P' Jackson "JA 2 UK Vol.1 ~ X-300" for his Rattler Records also didn't shy away from the typical vibrant UK urban sound. After Capleton's allegedly inspired by a feud with Elephant Man "Long Time", which clearly opposes to all the dance crazes and advertises after the by now immediately recognizable vocodered cut up intro
Capleton on Bionic Ras the old fashioned style of dancing with these lyrics:

Chaka Chaka um um, Plaka Plaka um um
Weddy Weddy um um, Deddy Deddy wah
Online um um, Cyan Find um um
Rockaway, Flap Away Ay!

Long time, we nah have no nice time
Woman and man fi ah hug up an wine
Inna di dance, everyting will fine
(One yah name) Long time, we nah have no nice time
Woman and man fi ah hug up an wine
Jus like in those time

Long time, woman dem ah seh dem waan di long wine
Seh dem want ah man wid ah strong wine
Dem no waan ah man pon di wrong time awww!
Long Time, Weddy Weddy cyan dweet!
Long Time, Chaka Chaka cyan dweet!
Long Time, Online cyan dweet!
Man pon di wrong time awwww!

Verse 1:
Woman dem waan wine, Christmas or Valentine
Woman dem waan wine, dem need it anytime
Woman dem waan wine, matter di season nor di time
Woman dem waan wine, whether Christmas or Valentine

(Alright, here yuh do again fi har my yute)

Beg a dance, Hold har hand, Pull har in
Yuh smell ah good, yuh have ah good hygiene
Beg a dance, Hold har hand, Pull har in
Alright, Whole dance weh yuh straight, Yuh nuh lean eeh

Belly to Belly(Pull har in), Belly to Belly(Pull har in)
Belly to Belly, mek sure nuh Shelly Belly
Belly to Belly(Pull har in), Belly to Belly woa!
(Webby webby webby webby webby)

Wah gwaan! Woman an man ah wine inna dancehall (Wine up girl!)
Haha! Dem turn weh di fyah an go get red Yeh!
See it deh now
before Sizzla's hedonistic "Springbreak" he is capable of riding non-roots riddims to maximum satisfaction, Bounty drops his warlord gear for the very entertaining "Mad Love" and Mr. Easy & Kid Fareigna deliver the fine combination tribute to their lover's body "It's Your Body". Vybz Kartel shows he is in full flow in the very fine combination "Goodas" with Marlene, followed by Frankie Paul, who already showed on several ragga jungle tunes (and remixes) back in the days that his style suits the subsonic bass style very well, the same applies to Beenie Man's slack "U Tight" and Mad Cobra's "Rain Check". The absolutely stunning "Lock Off Anthem", laced with berserk choral sections, sludgy, grinding breakdowns, police sirens, revving motorcycles and room-shaking explosions is a standout even on an album packed with very strong voicings of this extraordinary riddim, having Gabriel rising in everyone's esteem I suppose. Kananga & Zaire, who also had a fine combination tune on 'Red Alert' aside from just a couple of solo tunes by both of them and a combination on 'Worried' with Beenieman for Kananga, once again impress with "How Di Ting Go". Then it's curtains for UK's Dynamite MC, the jungle/drum'n'bass MC who was so impressive on Roni Size & Reprazent Crew's "New Forms" with the "All Night Party" anthem and the notorious So Solid Crew's 'Dready' JD, who alongside fellow So Solid member Asher D also appeared on the aforementioned ""JA 2 UK Vol.1 ~ X-300", now in combination with the sweet vocals of Malica for "What U Want". South Rakkas Crew production coordinator for both 'Red Alert' and this 'Bionic Ras' riddim Ninja Kid is featured next alongside Bajie Man using Cab Calloway's "Minnie The Moocher" for their "Adi O". Very fine contributions by all other artists as well, especially Macka Diamond's "Money O" and Kid Fareigna's solo cut "Good, Good, Good" deserve a special mention, but none of the other cuts isn't an above par effort. Extremely pleasing is the fact that after 23 strong tunes, the "Bionic Ras Riddim" has still been added in a clear riddim version, to showcase how extraordinary and how great it is. This excellent CD is a must have for every dancehallfan and must be heard by all ragga-jungle, 2-step and speedgarage enthusiasts as well. To be honest, I can hardly wait to hear what the successor, South Rakkas Crew's 'Chinkuzi' will sound like.