Various artists album review
Blazing Hits ~ Conscious Reggae Compilation
Jah Hi Ya Records
06 - 03 - 1998

Tracking list

  1. Manuel Stain & Ras Leon - Mary Jane farm
  2. Manuel Stain - Lordie lordie
  3. Ras Leon - Love Jah
  4. Yami Bolo - Jah mystic
  5. Manuel Stain Devil a fool ya !
  6. Ras Leon - Nah brag
  7. Don Ranger - Nah waste time
  8. Shaka Shamba - Bless the children
  9. Ras Leon - Comin
  10. Shaka Shamba - Treat the teacher right
  11. Manuel Stain - Ungrateful
  12. Lady G - Woman fi de earth
  13. Hopeton Junior - Iniquity worker
  14. Manuel Stain - Serious matter
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4/5

This compilation album gathers tracks, produced over the last two years by Ras Leon for his Jah Hi Ya label. He migrated to California in 1986 were he became involved in the reggae scene and formed a band called Underground Roots Syndicate. In 1992 he released the album 'Style'. He has toured extensively throughout California is currently producing concerts and additional recording projects in Jamaica.
Ras Leon performs four songs on the album : 'Love Jah' on the Lecturer (aka Handle the ride) riddim, 'Nah brag', 'Comin'(a love song) and a combination track with Manuel Stein riding the immortal Full up riddim, the energetic 'Mary Jane farm'.
Dj Manuel Stein does 4 solo performances: 'Lordie lordie' with some nice female backing vocals, the extra strong "Devil a fool ya !', 'Ungrateful' (Full up riddim), and 'Serious Matter' (Handle the ridde riddim) a cut above a lot of other things being done right now.
Yami Bolo does a conscious soul searching song, 'Jah Mystic', on the Satta Massa Gan riddim. Sweet voiced Don Ranger is a promising new comer, with an above average track 'Nah waste time' (Full up riddim). Shaka Shamba does two cultural tracks and Lady G.'s 'Woman fi de earth' is a song that every woman can relate to.
The music on this album was recorded by top musicians in Jamaica including Danny "Axe man' Thompson, Bongo Herman, Dean Fraser, Horsemouth, and Guitsy. Themes stretching from personal relationships, sufferation, and social commentary make this set a 'conscious reggae compilation' indeed !

Teacher & Mr. T.