Rial Agony Series #2 ~ Bless Ya Riddim
Rial Agony Records
February 25, 2008

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Lutan Fyah & Anthony John - Roots Woman
  3. D.Bo. General & Jah Light - Just Smile
  4. Lilu & Junior Stress - You Are
  5. Anya & KaCeZet - Burn In Love
  6. YT - Hold The Faith
  7. Zoro - I-Nity
  8. Dr. Ring-Ding - Tomorrow
  9. Bongo Chilli - Satisfy
  10. Hooga Troopers - Neva Loose Our Focus
  11. Al-Fatnujah - Jestem Tu U Siebie (Al-Fatnujah Remix)
  12. Joddski - Kem Kan Dom Dem
  13. Mesajah & Grubson - Ludzie Prosci
  14. Admiral P & Nico D - They Don't Care
  15. Big Man Tryton - Praise Him
  16. Juniorbwoy.com - Bless Ya Riddim
  17. Al-Fatnujah - Bless Ya Riddim (Al-Fatnujah Remix)
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Bob Marley took reggae music to the four corners of the world, and since then it's no longer exclusively reserved for Jamaican artists and musicians to produce the King's music. Especially the past decade the avid reggae fan witnessed an ever growing amount of reggae releases coming out of countries like Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, the U.S.A. and the Virgin Islands, to name a few. So it doesn't come as a real surprise to receive a riddim cd outta Poland.

The "Rial Agony Series #2 ~ Bless Ya Riddim" set fully underlines the fact that reggae has gone international as the selection features 15 tracks voiced by artists from all over the world from South Africa to Norway, from Poland to Jamaica. This collection of tunes features well-established artists such as Lutan Fyah (JA), Anthony John (JA), YT (UK), Bongo Chilli (UK), Dr. Ring-Ding (Germany) as well as talented, yet unknown performers like Zoro (South Africa), Admiral P & Nico D (Norway), Hooga Troopers (Norway), D.Bo General & Jah Light (UK), and what seems to be the biggest Polish deejay Junior Stress.

After a weird "Intro", the combination duo Lutan Fyah & Anthony John are the first to ride the very catchy and infectious modern roots riddim. The latter has nice organ licks and nyahbinghi parts, and is produced by Juniorbwoy.com (consisting of Jahcob Jr & Mothashipp), a reggae/dancehall producers duo from Warsaw, Poland. Lutan Fyah & Anthony John's "Roots Woman" is the first tune to peak your interest, before YT's "Hold The Faith", Dr. Ring-Ding's "Tomorrow", Bongo Chilli's "Satisfy" and "They Don't Care" by Admiral P & Nico, prove that they can do the same. Other tracks worthy of being heard are Zoro's powerful "I-Nity", Hooga Troopers' "Neva Loose Our Focus", and "Just Smile" by D.Bo. General & Jah Light. Also of interest is "Jestem Tu U Siebie" by the best Polish beatbox crew, Al-fatnujah. They have done a remix of the riddim by using their mouths as instruments. Wicked!

Sound System selectors and vinyl fans alike should also check 4 seven-inch vinyl singles featuring the tunes of Lutan Fyah & Anthony John, Lilu & Junior Stress, YT, Admiral P & Nico D, Dr. Ring-Ding, Al-Fatnujah, Zoro and the clean Version.