Reggae Bubblers Black Star Liner Vol. 4
Reggae Bubblers
November 15, 2011

Track list
  1. Hayba Maltuba - Troddin To Zion
  2. Cheech Warner - Take Me To A Higher Place
  3. Nyiambah - Children Of Israel
  4. Volcano - Itiopia Is My Birth Place
  5. Dread I Locks - Jah Jah Is I Shepherd
  6. Ras Seku - Continue Trying
  7. Xkaliba - Spread Out De Money
  8. Sista Carol - Love Is What We Need
  9. Ras Willow D - Good Forah
  10. Gangy - Show Love
  11. Shadow - Some People Don't Wanna Do Right
  12. Reggae Bubblers - Ice Box Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
The Reggae Bubblers is a conscious roots reggae band out of St. Croix, Virgin Islands and consists of brothers Cheech Warner and Hayba Maltuba and furthermore various drummers. The band emerged in 2001 and have been quite prolific. They have unleashed several projects and this current one is Volume 4 of the Black Star Liner series featuring some of the conscious roots artists from St. Croix and the Virgin Islands, with all music played by the Reggae Bubblers. The Reggae Bubblers focus 100% on strictly roots reggae. In previous reviews we mentioned that this "is the Reggae Bubblers' strength but to be honest also their weakness, as the message is positive and inspiring, but we couldn't find true fresh and original lyrics, too many cliches."

This album makes a better impression. Lyrically it's still pure roots and culture, but we find more depth in the lyrics. Musically they have made several steps forward. The line up of artists makes a decent impression. One of the first tracks that draw our attention is Nyiambah with Children Of Israel, a tune that could have been produced by Lloyd Barnes of the Wackies label. Interesting tune with a noteworthy vocalist. Also well worth spinning several times is Itiopia Is My Birth Place by Volcano. Xkaliba delivers a dancehall influenced roots tune, while Sista Carol treats us to a fine tune called Love Is What We Need. Ras Willow D has a powerful vocal delivery and his tune Good Forah is one of the stand outs here.

Although not every tune is a winner, this compilation brings you several pieces of (roots) niceness.