Various artists album review
Bomb A Drop!
Februari 15, 2004

Tracking list

  1. No Apology - Vybz Kartel
  2. Three Laws - Beenie Man
  3. Five Star Hotel - Lady Saw
  4. Let Dem War - T.O.K.
  5. Pickney Nah Wear - Macka Diamond
  6. Dem Fool Deh - Mad Cobra
  7. Mr Dickson - Razor
  8. On The Beach - Martina & Idona
  9. Gyal Yuh An Yuh Man - Chico & Don Mafia
  10. The Cat - Tony Matterhorn
  11. False - Wickerman & Gringo
  12. Shake Dem Off - Kiprich & Black-Er
  13. Dutty Rankin - Predator
  14. Pressure Dem - Bascom X
  15. Girls On My Mind - Mr. Vegas
  16. Supp'n Fi Supp'n - Madd Anju
  17. Look Some Gyal - Lexxus
  18. My Good Face - Mega Banton
  19. Bomb-A-Drop Rhythm - Mario C
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4/5

After being responsible for the to Tony Matterhorn credited very successful 'Scoobay' that became #57 in the Greensleeves Rhythm Album series, released on his 357 (three fifty seven) Productions, built in Beenie Man's new Pro-Tools studio by his engineer Mario 'C' Campbell, Mario C now gets full credit for the successor released as "Greensleeves Rhythm Album #66 ~ Bomb-A-Drop". Another in the dancehalls very effective simple bass driven up tempo riddim, with every tune starting with the same sample, bomb-a-drop, damn you that could first be heard on Elephant Man's "Bun Badmind" on the 'Tabernacle', and a lot of strong tunes. It seems someone at Greensleeves actually must have read my review of 'Scoobay', where I accused them to have steered away from the controversial stuff, because Vybz Kartel opens this album proving he is THE No. 1 Jamaican DJ, with his superb flow he is the strongest ammunition dancehall has these days, with his "No Apology" me never saw man to man inna biology he gives his point of view in the anti-battyman-lyrics discussion. Beenie Man's badman work with "Three Laws" is all about how straightforward sex should be, no 'lickin jus stickin', before Lady Saw makes clear she's not gonna be lying on the floor with no man in "Five Star Hotel". T.O.K. send out a strong message to all trying to mess them up in "Let Dem Wear". Macka Diamond (once again) outperforms Lady Saw in her "Pickney Nah Wear" before Mad Cobra's wars'r'us dem shop at toys'r'us intro kicks off his tune about the fassies warring in "Dem Fool Deh". Beenie Man soundalike Razor has the entertaining my name is "Mr. Dickson" my best friend is miss pussy before Martina (who debuted with "Ina Di Center" on 'Scoobay') & Idona have Martina ask to be taken away "On The Beach" with nice DJ counteraction, I would however have preferred to have Brick & Lace's "Gonna Be Startin Sumthin''", which is indeed what you think it is, instead of this tune. The nice combination "Gyal Yuh An Yuh Man" by Chico & Don Mafia (who allegedly is responsible for some Beenie Man lyrics these days) is followed by Elephant Man's girl you're so tight like a "Wife", and whoever gets the point of those lyrics is a genius. Tony Matterhorn's over the top screaming in you may kill your mother / you may kill your father / you may kill the dog / but don't kill the "The Cat" / don't kill the pussy over a different mix with rock guitars added (the Mentally Ill band) shows he really is mentally ill. Veteran time again, with Wickerman alongside Gringo contributing the entertaining we haffi run fast, ca everyting "False", before another prosperous combination is formed by Kiprich & Black-Er for enemies "Shake Dem Off". Predator, whose album now has been forthcoming as long as Kid Kurrupt's delivers the entertaining "Dutty Rankin", before the biggest surprise of this album is featured: one of last year's rising stars on the conscious riddim Bascom X rides this hardcore riddim very convincingly for his "Pressure Dem". Mr. Vegas' tribute to sexy "Girls On My Mind" is catchy, and Greensleeves didn't shy away from including VP Records' signed Madd Anju, who allegedly might have been the DJ Vybz Kartel got more than a bit of inspiration from for his flow, and that's very clear to me in "Supp'n Fi Supp'n", but it's also clear that Vybz Kartel has gained the upper hand. Lexxus delivers the fine "Look Some Gyal" before "My Good Face" by sandpaper-voiced veteran Mega Banton closes the vocal tunes on this entertaining dancefloor-aimed set. The "Bomb-A-Drop Rhythm" is closing it played by Mario C in its clear version, to once again show how catchy it is.


/ Souljah Green Beret Productions