The Bomboflow Riddim
Upsetta Sound
Digital Release
August 13, 2011

Bomboflow Riddim - Various Artists Track list
  1. Stikki Tantafari - A No Yuh Alone
  2. Khago - Can't Tek Bun
  3. Zamunda - Change Gonna Come
  4. Shalli - Down In Jamaica
  5. Ras Penco - Every Step
  6. Kali Blaxx - Farmer Man
  7. Admiral Tibet - Give A Little
  8. Cario - Grab A Girl
  9. Bredren B - Hail H.I.M.
  10. Jah Barie - Music
  11. Ras Q - Never Know
  12. Fyakin - Old Vibes
  13. Anthony John - Pan Di Line
  14. Powerman - Purge Dem
  15. Universal Speakers feat. Dub PassenJah - Rub A Dub Girl
  16. Jah Thunder - Ruff Inna Di Giddeon
  17. Malijah - So Long
  18. Deva Bratt feat. UG - Stress Away
  19. Collie Buddz - Too Watchy
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Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
In 2009 Upsetta Records, formerly Upsetta Sound, made a much promising start with the release of the digitally released "Cuss Fix Riddim" set. Owned and operated by Dante Davinci (aka J2) and Selector Dubee, Upsetta Records now operates within their brand new, state of the art, professional recording studio -- Upsetta Studio (in association with Slanted Black) -- located in the heart of downtown Burlington, Vermont.

More than two years after the "Cuss Fix", the label comes up with a brand new riddim called "Bomboflow". The latter was created in Switzerland by Hugo from Flow Productions, while Upsetta Records managed/arranged the line-up of artists, and then produced and mastered all of the songs (excluding Shalli's "Down In Jamaica"). Likewise its predecessor, well-known as well as lesser-known artists have gathered to breathe life into the "Bomboflow" riddim, among whom you'll find artists that also appeared on the label's previous 'one-riddim' affair including Admiral Tibet, Ras Q, Universal Speakers, and Shalli (pronounced Sha Lee). However, compared with the line-up of the "Cuss Fix", this new 'one-riddim' set offers a better balance of artists that are already known to the reggae massive and those who are considered to be up-and-coming talents.

The "Bomboflow", a fresh original 'one drop' riddim with a real nice 'old skool' vibe, turns out to be a matching follow-up to the "Cuss Fix". It's almost impossible to come up with 19 equally strong vocal cuts on a riddim, and despite the fact that each tune has its own merit, some of them simply flow along without delivering any memorable moment. Luckily the amount of tunes that are worth hearing exceed the less charming ones. Among those that make a very good impression are conscious efforts such as Khago's "Can't Tek Bun", Zamunda's "Change Gonna Come", Ras Penco's "Every Step", Kali Blaxx's "Farmer Man", Admiral Tibet's "Give A Little", Malijah's "So Long", and "Too Watchy" by Collie Buddz. Besides that the The "Bomboflow" riddim also proves to be a fitting backdrop for more light-hearted tunes like Shalli's "Down In Jamaica" and Universal Speakers feat. Dub PassenJah's "Run A Dub Girl".

This 'one-riddim' sampler surely isn't a musical milestone, but it's nonetheless enjoyable and entertaining.