Brick By Brick Riddim EP
Dublife Muzik
Digital Release
July 21, 2015

Track list
  1. P-Dub feat. Mikey Jarrett - Brick By Brick
  2. Roy Radics feat. Soundboy - Whatever Happened To One Love
  3. Rocksteady Levi - Everyday People
  4. Rupert Reid feat. Johnny Walker - Violence No Pay
  5. Predator Dub Assassins - Brick Mason
  6. Predator Dub Assassins - Bricklayer Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
New York City based P-Dub Assassins have developed a real nice brand of reggae music fusing classic elements with contemporary sounds. Since 2005, they have released 7 albums and 5 mixtapes and supplied reggae music for popular programs on the Food, Fuel TV, CBS and A&E networks. In May 2015, P-Dub Assassins' record label Dublife Muzik released their very first juggling project called "Brick By Brick Riddim", which in July was followed by the "So Thankful Riddim" and "Irreplaceable Riddim", the latter done in collaboration with Kulchashok.

The P-Dub produced "Brick By Brick Riddim EP" features both new and foundation artists like P-Dub (of Predator Dub Assassins), Rupert Reid and dancehall legend Mikey Jarrett, who deliver their goods on a vintage style roots riddim that brings old skool vibes with a modern twist. The lead track "Brick By Brick" is a strong opener on which P-Dub of P-Dub Assassins collaborates with Jamaican born, Brooklyn bred veteran deejay Mikey Jarrett. As A&R man for the famed Channel One recording studio, Mikey Jarrett provided artists such as Lone Ranger and others the opportunity to make their first records. His own first 45 "Ku Bly Klan" cut in New York in 1974 for the famous Bullwackies label was a hit and more tracks followed that same year for the Pantomime and other labels. His 1980 tune "Sadat" for NYC's celebrated reggae imprint Jah Life, was another hit. The addition of Mikey Jarrett's vintage style deejaying to P-Dub's singing works very well and makes this tune worth hearing more than once.

The solid "Whatever Happened To One Love" is the next singer-deejay combination tune that leaps off the speakers. It brings together UK born Roy Radics, a singer who has been a deeply involved member of NYC's vibrant reggae community for almost two decades, and deejay Soundboy, who hails from Washington DC. Next comes "Everyday People" by Rocksteady Levi, the Rasta Dub poet and steel pan and percussion master from Trinidad who now resides in the US. It's a nice sounding tune, but lacks lyrics to keep you involved.

The message tune "Violence Don't Pay" is a noteworthy effort that once again combines the forces of a singer and a deejay. In this case it's singer Rupert Reid from Kingston, Jamaica, and the deejay Johnny Walker, a Jamaican artist who emigrated to the US in the '70s and then, when dancehall history was being made in New York City in the '80s and '90s, played a role in the city's dancehall scene. Rupert Reid has written and recorded classic roots anthems like "Chant Down Babylon" with '70s reggae legend Junior Byles, "See The Dread Deh", and "Africa Must Be Free" for iconic reggae labels such as Arawak, Ja-Man, and Lee Perry's Upsetter imprint. Predator Dub Assassin's instrumental "Brick Mason" (with the sax as lead instrument) and the dub version "Brick Dub" with its nice melodica sound are both worthwhile hearing.

A very nice juggling project, which hopefully generates a nice bit of attention for the Dublife Muzik label.