Various artists album review
Bushy Bushy
CD / 2LP
29 - 07 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Merciless - Sting History 2000
  2. Sizzla - Bus Out A Dis
  3. Capleton - Galong Galong
  4. Elephant Man - Sex
  5. Frisco Kid - Lion Paw
  6. Ce'Cile - Spider
  7. Merciless - Ghetto Star
  8. Lexxus - Si Mi, Gi Mi
  9. Danny English - Right Ya Now
  10. Capleton, Sizzla & Lexxus - Dem Gal Mix
  11. General B - Hands High
  12. Mr, Vegas - Raining Hard
  13. Determine - Smallest
  14. Alizade - Energy
  15. Sizzla - Bushy Bushy
  16. Galaxy P - Danger
  17. Powerman - Dem Will Drown
  18. Hawkeye - War War
  19. No Born Thugz - Maternity Ward
  20. Merciless & Bounty Killer - No One Cares Remix
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Since "Bellyas" - the first installment in the series - Greensleeves Records have unleashed their "Rhythm" albums in a breathtaking tempo. Already the fifteenth volume within some sixteen months, "Bushy Bushy" contains the production work of Debbie Harding and Annex's infamous Harvel "Gadafi" Hart for "Extra Extra". With only a limited number of cuts available on 7" single this one riddim set will certainly please all those hardcore Dancehall fans who are always trying to lay their hands on the most exclusive pieces for the hottest riddims in Jamaica.
"Bushy Bushy" opens strong with the dancehall anthem from Merciless, "Sting History 2000", and from then one is treated to another 19 cuts for this phat, bouncing backdrop, delivered by the usual suspects who tackle the usual themes. Two cuts here from Sizzla, with "Bus Out A Dis" being his best effort, and further noteworthy offerings from Capleton, Frisco Kid, Mr. Vegas, Ce'Cile, General B and Danny English. Also well worth spinning is the wicked combination tune "No One Cares Remix", which brings the "Warlord" Bounty Killer and the "Warhead" Merciless together in perfect harmony!
The riddim, the featured artists and their tunes turn "Bushy Bushy" into an enjoyable one riddim set.

Teacher & Mr. T.