Various artists album review
CD / 2LP
28 - 04 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Capleton - Know Wi
  2. Elephant Man - Nuh Come Fast
  3. Bling Dawg - Bomb Dem Up
  4. Sizzla - Righteousness
  5. Frisco Kid - Informer
  6. Anthony B - Rastaman Sitten
  7. Lexxus - Who Dem
  8. Roundhead - Mary J
  9. Hollow Point - Party Tonight
  10. Iley Dread, Fuzzy J & Wayne Passion - Make It Right
  11. Turbulence - Most Wanted
  12. Spotlight - Call Up Call Up
  13. Vybz Kartel - Friend
  14. Bascom X - Emanuel Soldier
  15. Genie Slick & Stinga D - Want To Know You
  16. Petrocan - Rolling Deep
  17. Jagwa - Champ
  18. Nikki Burt - Lonely
  19. Powerman - Tough Like Mahogany
  20. Harry Toddler & General B - As Usual
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

"Greensleeves Rhythm Album # 38" presents the next big riddim from producer Cordel "Scatta" Burrell and musician Craig "Leftside" Parkes, the latter son of Lloyd Parkes (singer but most of all one of Jamaica's premier bassists who has played with many stars including Dennis Brown). The creators of 2002's monster riddim "Martial Arts", hit again with the infectious "C-4", another winner for the highly successful production house, "Kings Of Kings", currently one of the biggest labels in modern reggae and also dancehall music. With "C-4" the dancehall fan is treated to a phat street beat, dark & cold with a strong hip hop flavor. This explosive riddim is surely predestined to rule any dancehall as this is a true dancefloor filler. A lot of good and talented artists have voiced the "C-4" with especially Sizzla, Anthony B, Frisco Kid, Lexxus and Bascom X coming up with some good lyrics over this tough riddim. Many deadly goods are gathered here including Capleton's "Know Wi", Elephant Man's "Nuh Come Fast", Sizzla's Righteousness", Frisco Kid's "Informer", Roundhead's weed tune "Mary J", Anthony B's "Rastaman Sitten", Turbulence's "Most Wanted", Vybz Kartel's "Friend" and "Emanuel Soldier" by Bascom X.
Although "C-4" isn't exactly a groundbreaking riddim, this one is a real killer, and has plenty of lyrics to match.

Teacher & Mr. T.