Various artists album review
Calling All Jah Children ~ Mix Tape One
Lustre Kings
November 15, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Turbulence - Well Powerful Intro
  2. Lutan Fyah - No More War Part 1
  3. Yami Bolo - War & Revolution
  4. Turbulence - Bun Dem Again Part 1
  5. Norris Man - Thunderous Sound
  6. Jah Mason - Caring Part 1
  7. Lutan Fyah - No More War Part 2
  8. Jah Mason - Caring Part 2
  9. Turbulence - Bun Dem Again Part 2
  10. PGM - Wake Up Interlude
  11. Lutan Fyah - Rise & Shine Part 1
  12. Turbulence - Revolution Pon The Wicked
  13. Natty King - See The Wicked Run
  14. Lutan Fyah - Woe To The Bloody City Part 1
  15. Luciano, Al Pancho - Unity Is Strength
  16. Natural Black - Straight Up
  17. Lutan Fyah - Rise & Shine Part 2
  18. Lutan Fyah - Woe To The Bloody Part 2
  19. Turbulence - Boom Sound Interlude
  20. Moon & Turbulence - We Need Liberation Part 1
  21. Yami Bolo & Capleton - Liberation Part 1
  22. Lutan Fyah - Stress Free
  23. Turbulence, Moon - We Need Part 2
  24. Jah Dan - Beauty Of The Beast
  25. Al Pancho - Musical Mission
  26. Capleton & Yami Bolo - Liberation Part 2
  27. Lutan Fyah - Stand Firm Interlude
  28. Jah Mason - Rollin Thru Oakland
  29. Lutan Fyah - Banned From This Premises
  30. Turbulence - Rastafari Say Bun
  31. PGM - Malcolm Chats Interlude
  32. Capleton - See Dem Part 1
  33. Sizzla - Evacuate The Premises
  34. Capleton - See Dem Part 2
  35. PGM - Blaze It Interlude
  36. Turbulence - Gone With The Wind Part 1
  37. Lutan Fyah - Love To See Your Face
  38. Jah Mason - Love Dem Up
  39. Turbulence - Gone With The Wind Part 2
  40. Determine, Rankin' Scroo - A Who Yuh Part 1
  41. Empress Michiboo - Waistline
  42. Determine & Rankin' Scroo - A Who Yuh Part 2
  43. Norris Man - Mi Wine Pon Her
  44. Jah Dan - Keep The Pace Part 2
  45. Al Pancho - Buss Dem Head
  46. Jah Dan - Keep The Pace Part 2
  47. Al Pancho - Buss Dem Head
  48. Jah Dan - Keep The Pace Part 3
  49. PGM - The Meeting Interlude
  50. Turbulence - No Negativity Interlude
  51. Rankin' Scroo & Determine - I Love Jah
  52. Turbulence - Calling All Jah Children
  53. Lutan Fyah - Fyah In The Barn Part 1
  54. Jah Mason - Never Get Me Down Part 1
  55. Jah Marcus - Free Up
  56. Al Pancho - Bruk Yu Bread
  57. Lutan Fyah - Fyah In The Barn Part 2
  58. Jah Mason - Never Give Up Part 2
  59. Lutan Fyah - Fyah In The Barn Part 3
  60. PGM - Calling In Dub Interlude
  61. Lutan Fyah - Love Is The Only Absolute
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

"Calling All Jah Children", an officially licensed mix tape, is the newest cd release from Lustre Kings Productions. Besides that it's also the debut release from Project Groundation, whose mixmaster Child has masterfully mixed together no less than 61 tracks stretching its wings over reggae, dancehall and hip-hop. After Turbulence has delivered the acapella sung "Well Powerful Intro" it's Lustre King's "Fortune Teller" riddim - crafted by the musical mastery of Digital Ancient and Dr. X -that starts things running in fine rootical style. This wicked "judgement" riddim - grounded in the Nyabhingi with kette drumming by master percussionist, Bongo Herman - combines digital beats with live instruments to full effect. "Fortune Teller" features outstanding versions by Lutan Fyah ("No More War"), Turbulence ("Bun Dem Again") and Yami Bolo ("War & Revolution"). The bass-heavy roots riddim "Alarm Clock" takes over the proceedings with Lutan Fyah's solid "Rise And Shine", which is outmatched by his second effort for the riddim, "Woe To The Bloody". Also worth of hearing are Natty King's "See The Wicked Run" and the killer "Unity Is Strength" by the combination Luciano & Al Pancho. Next drops the "Liberation" riddim, courtesy of Zion High Productions, which features the combination tune and title track "Liberation" by Capleton & Yami Bolo. This tune made a serious impression when it first appeared on Yami Bolo's "Rebelution", an album that seems to have passed below the radar of most reggae fans. The "Liberation" riddim has a clean, high-quality roots sound and brings forth notable versions from Turbulence & Moon ("We Need Liberation"), Lutan Fyah ("Stress Free") and Al Pancho ("Musical Mission"). Then it's time for the "remix" section featuring Child produced songs remixed over hip-hop beats. Remixes are in fashion, so it's obvious that they have to be part of a contemporary mix tape. Those included here are a decent warm-up for the uptempo, dancehall fueled "African Charm" riddim, but in the end they fail to cause real excitement. Artists such as Turbulence, Lutan Fyah and Jah Mason are at their best when they perform over modern reggae tracks. "African Charm" isn't such a riddim and therefore we're treated to more or less mediocre efforts, except for Lutan Fyah's "Love To See Your Face" which is a good one. "Talking Drum" is a slow-paced hybrid riddim with big tunes such as Norris Man's "Mi Wine Pon Her", Natty King's "See The Wicked Run RMX" and Al Pancho's "Buss Dem Head". Back to reggae riddims with the infectious "Disco Rock" featuring three above par cuts with Turbulence's "Calling All Jah Children" being our favorite piece. The vibe keeps flowing with "The Shining", again featuring versions from artists like Lutan Fyah, Al Pancho and Jah Mason. Solid riddim with nuff noteworthy efforts to enjoy.
All in all a quality mix cd with some big conscious riddims and plenty of great tunes.

Teacher & Mr. T.