Camel Riddim
HOR (House Of Riddim)
CD / Digital Release
November 4, 2011

Track list
  1. Perfect - Damage
  2. Anthony Cruz - Who Dem
  3. Zareb - Fyah Red
  4. Natty King - Don`t Be Foolish
  5. Pad Anthony - Life Is A Treasure
  6. Mekka - Want It All
  7. Thai Stylee - Don A Gwaan
  8. Fitta Warri - Can`t Trick We
  9. Uwe Banton & Ganjaman - Deliver Me
  10. Phenomden - Politrix
  11. Karli Owli - Turn It Up
  12. Monsoon - About Color
  13. Polyfamous - No More War
  14. Shocking Murray - Word And Sound
  15. Vido - The First And The Last
  16. Wayne Daniells - Gwaan So
  17. Cookie The Herbalist - Out Deh
  18. Isat - I Believe In Jah
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Sometimes releases go under the Reggae Vibes radar, but luckily a few of them resurface after a while. This actually happened with the "Camel" riddim, a digitally released 'one riddim' set that was put out about a year ago by Austrian band and production crew House Of Riddim. Sam Gilly and his crew have created a powerful modern reggae backdrop, not least because it's been played by real musicians. The riddim has been voiced by Jamaican artists as well as European talents, all delivering the best of their ability.

Natty King was one of the first Jamaicans to ride the "Camel", as the solid "Don't Be Foolish" earlier appeared on the singer's "Born To Be Free" album. However it's Perfect's decent "Damage" that kicks off this compilation, before the listener is treated to the nice "Who Dem" by Anthony Cruz. The latter is a real fine singer, but sometimes the lyrics let him down as is the case with this effort. Next comes Zareb, formerly Mr. Flash, whose "Fyah Red" makes a better impression. A bit surprising is the presence of veteran Pad Anthony as we haven't heard that much of him since he enjoyed success in the '80s with King Jammy. Here he delivers the conscious "Life Is A Treasure", a tune worth hearing. The rest of this 'one riddim' set features efforts from lesser known artists with in particular Thai Stylee's "Don A Gwaan", Fitta Warri's "Can't Trick We", Monsoon's "About Colour", and Isat's "I Believe In Jah" being the most entertaining pieces to hear.

Even though this 'one riddim' set was released towards the end of 2010, it's still worthwhile checking out (if you haven't done so already).