Cane River Riddim
DJ Frass Records
Digital Release
February 12, 2014

Track list
  1. Alaine - So In Love
  2. Duane Stephenson - African Woman
  3. Richie Stephens - Super Star
  4. I-Octane & Gentleman - Itís All Right
  5. Morgan Heritage - Why Dem Come Around
  6. JahCure - Struggles
  7. Ginjah - Double Standard
  8. Kabaka Pyramid - Never Gonna Be A Slave
  9. J Boog - See Dem Deh
  10. Jemere Morgan - Run Dem Out
  11. Jermain Michael - Sudden Destruction
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Total votes : 5
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Hot on the heels of the "Mad Step Riddim", producer Andre "DJ Frass" Gordon continues his winning ways with his latest production work, the wonderfully titled "Cane River Riddim". Even better than the title is the actual track which seems to come in with a slight R&B/Jazz tinge radiating throughout this lovely creation. Better still, perhaps, is the roster of vocalists brought together to voice the "Cane River".

It is an Alaine type of set of the songbird ("when I hear the songbirds I think of you") (WHAT!) (BOOM!) that gives the "Cane River" arguably its biggest moment with her "So In Love". A perfect love song for a romantic evening, when you sit down with your partner to relax and have a drink. And although you might get the impression that this starts off a set with a whole heap of love songs, which actually wouldn't be a real surprise as the "Cane River" carries that mood and vibe, it isn't. Sure, next there's Duane Stephenson's wonderful "African Woman", but that's not what we would call an ordinary love song. However it's with songs like Richie Stephens' "Super Star", Morgan Heritage's wicked "Why Dem Come Around", Jah Cure's "Struggles", in which the singer refers to his time in jail, Ginjah's powerful sung "Double Standard", Kabaka Pyramid's solid "Never Gonna Be A Slave", and I-Octane & Gentleman's heavy combination tune "It's Alright" that the listener is treated to a variety of themes. No weak tune around, and that's really something when it comes to listening to a 'one riddim' set.

An amazing lineup and fitting for such a riddim track. Don't miss this one!