You'll Never Know ~ 18 Caribou Ska Selection (Rock A Shacka Vol. 19)
Drum&Bass Records
December 4, 2010

Track list
  1. Laurel Aitken - Boogie Rock
  2. Rico & Johnny Moore - Omara Special
  3. Lord Tanamo - In The Mood For Ska
  4. Pat & Roxie - Way Of Fortune
  5. Don Drummond - Bellevue Special
  6. Don Drummond - No More
  7. Lord Tanamo - You'll Never Know
  8. Roy Panton - Please Take Me Home
  9. Pat & Roxie - The Things That I Do
  10. Orville Alphonso - Bellylick
  11. The Mighty Vikings - Up & Down
  12. Lord Tanamo - I Love You Truly
  13. Lord Brynner - Lock And Key
  14. Orville Alphonso - Inspiration
  15. The Mighty Vikings - Ska 65
  16. Roy Panton - Smoke Without Fire
  17. Lord Tanamo - If You Were Only Mine
  18. Lord Brynner - Yvonne
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Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5
Drum&Bass Records' subsidiary Rock A Shacka from Japan presents the 'Rock A Shacka Vol. 19' compilation, which turns out to be a fine collection of Dada Tewari's Ska and pre-Ska sides titled "You'll Never Know: 18 Caribou Ska Collection". Successful Jamaican Indian businessman Dada Tewari was involved in the Jamaican recording industry from its earliest days, releasing 78's on the Caribou and Downbeat labels from the early fifties. He continued to produce in the first half of the sixties with Ska 45's on the same labels and another short lived record label called Regal. He also had the Jamaican R C A label that put out a Tanamo EP in 1960.

With "You'll Never Know: 18 Caribou Ska Collection" we're treated to a very fine and truly entertaining collection of Ska and Kaiso (one of the forms of traditional Trinidadian Afrikan music) recordings from the very first beginnings in the history of Jamaica's popular music. Some of the pieces on this cd are heavy and rough efforts, others are more jazzy and dark outings. Perhaps the most popular and best known of Caribou releases featured here is the Ska classic "Bellevue Special" by original Skatalites member and trombone genius Don Drummond, previously also released on a limited 7" single by Rock A Shacka. This one, and the other Don Drummond track, "No More" -- strikingly utilizing the same riddim track and therefore one could say that Dada Tewari was one of Jamaica's first producers who was already laying the foundations for the 'version culture' to come -- can be regarded as the center-pieces of this cd.

Besides these two beautiful Don Drummond instrumentals, this set has more gems to offer the listener including Rico and Johnny Moore's excellent early shuffle instrumental "Omara Special", Lord Brynner's Kaiso songs "Lock And Key" and "Yvonne", and the Mighty Vikings' blazing red hot Ska instrumentals "Up & Down" and "Ska 65", none of which have ever previously been reissued on either vinyl or CD. Other tunes worthwhile checking are the title track "You'll Never Know" by Lord Tanamo, Roy Panton's "Please Take Me Home", and Orville Alphonso's "Bellylick".

All in all this is compilation contains nuff worthwhile material recorded by some of the finest artists and musicians Jamaica had to offer in those days. The cd features full-colour nicely illustrated English liner notes written by Martin 'Mandingo' Williams, and all the attention to detail Rock A Shacka fans have come to expect.