Various artists album review
Chain Gang MegaMix Vol. 1
Who Dun It Records
03 - 10 - 2000

Tracking list

  1. Intro...Selecta Style
  2. Payment Time...Chain Gang
  3. My Type...Tanya Stephens
  4. Hot Gal...Scare Dem
  5. Flava...Mawga Man
  6. Ghetto Cry...Lion Face
  7. Gal Wanta Man...Wess
  8. Independent Girl...Round Head
  9. Love How Me Stay...Judah
  10. Lion Face...Lion Face
  11. On And On And On...Don Flash
  12. Blessed Assurance...Johnny Kool
  13. Fat Gal Slim Gal...Army Kid
  14. Ba Bye...Princess Black
  15. Glamorous Girl...Richie Kanary
  16. OO Eh...Anthony Jade
  17. Grizzle...Dr. Love
  18. Forever In Your Eyes...Richie Stephens
  19. G Spot...Tappa
  20. Chalice...Kafenol & Johnny Kool
  21. Murderer...FX Boom
  22. Sweet Sexing...Rahmani
  23. Criss Car...Princess Black
  24. Lion Roar Again...President Brown
  25. Punchenella...Alfonso
  26. Things You Do...Michael Anthony
  27. Lover Boy Ses...Kafenol
  28. Last Night...D'Luxx
  29. Stop Watch The Girl...Shaggy Wonder
  30. Arms & Flesh...Kafenol
  31. Sufferers Prayer...Rahmani
  32. This Life...Rahmani King & Michael Anthony
  33. Poor Mama...Johnny Kool
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Chain Gang Label, a division of Flynn & Flynn Music, Inc., is based in Hartford, Connecticut with a studio in Miami, Florida and is jointly owned by Dr. Paul and Owen Flynn. The executive producer of the Chain Gang Label is Owen Flynn and the engineer behind the music is Dr. Paul, former musical director of Gregory Isaacs and Shabba Ranks (during his Grammy reign). Dr. Paul is also the founder of the Ruff Kutt Band.
"Chain Gang MegaMix Vol. 1" is a continuous megamix featuring some well known artists such as Tanya Stephens, Prezident Brown, Richie Stephens, Scare Dem Crew and Round Head. Furthermore a selection of lesser know artists deliver their tune across some wicked riddims laid down by Dr. Paul and Friends. After the intro follow six tracks on a wicked dancehall riddim, featuring exceptional outings by Scare Dem Crew -Hot Gal- and Tanya Stephens -My Type-.
The next riddim excursion starts at track eight -Round Head with Independent Girl- and ends with Dr. Love's Grizzle. Good licks across this riddim come from Lion Face with Lion Face and Judah with Love How Me Stay. After this the pace slowes downs when Richie Stephens delivers a nice r&b flavored tune called Forever In Your Eyes. On the same riddim Tappa puts out G Spot.
FX Boom and Rahmani do a tune across the same poppy riddim and the rest of the tunes is a collection of dancehall tunes and r&b flavored songs. A great tune is Shaggy Wonder's Stop Watch The Girl.
The album closes with four splendid rootical tracks of which the combination Rahmani & Michael Anthony with This Life makes a solid impression.
Although the album dates from 1998, the tunes found here are a well interesting set of songs and the mix is perfect !

Teacher & Mr. T.