Various artists album review
Chant A Prayer
Jamdown Records
26 - 07 - 1998

Tracking list

  1. Bobby Crystal - I'll make love to you
  2. Lukie D - I'm in love
  3. Spanner Banner - Sharon
  4. Frankie Paul - Call me
  5. Anthony B - Chant a prayer
  6. Major Christie & Don Yute - No more war
  7. Stan Rick - Chalwa
  8. Spanner Banner - Go for the good times
  9. Skatta - Don't wanna
  10. Tony Curtis - I'm coming home
  11. Richie Stephens - Touch me in the morning
  12. Richie Spice - Slang a slang
  13. Major Christie - My pony
  14. Baby Wayne - Joe quick fi shot
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

This very enjoyable album gathers artists and tunes produced (or co-produced) by Norman "Bulpus" Bryan for his own Kickin' Productions (with the exception of Stan Rick's "Chalwa" which was produced by Barry O'Hare). Although the title obviously refers to "roots and culture" songs this album has more to offer as lovers style music is represented as well. With names like Frankie Paul, Tony Curtis, Spanner Banner, Richie Stephens and Lukie D on the tracklisting you almost have the guarantee of becoming a real satisfying lovers treatment. And indeed, these aforementioned fine singers deliver solid efforts with Spanner Banner's "Sharon", Tony Curtis' "I'm coming home" and Richie Stephens' "Touch me in the morning" being the standouts.
Within the "roots & culture" section Bobo dread Anthony B - one of Jamaica's new generation of reggae artists who represent the conscious movement that emerged in the second half of the nineties - is the first to make his entrance, delivering a decent cut across the "Loving pauper" riddim. Anthony B's track is followed by a solid combination-song which is credited to Major Christie & Don Yute. The appearance of Stan Rick's "Chalwa" on this album is a surprise, but the quality of the song justifies its inclusion. Spanner Banner impresses once again with his second delivery, which happens to be a solid uplifting song.
Most of the riddims included on this compilation set are revitalized versions of older, mostly well known and proven riddims like Soul Vendors' Studio One scorcher "Swing Easy", Gregory Isaacs' "Loving pauper", the Mighty Diamonds' Channel One classic "Love me always" and Winston "Techniques" Riley's durable "Stalag" riddim.

Teacher & Mr. T.