Bambú Station Presents Chant Of The Lions Vol. 1
Mt. Nebo Records
August 21, 2007

Track list
  1. Ickarus - I See Danger
  2. Papa Black feat. Jahold - V.I. Cowboy
  3. Pressure - Firebun Day
  4. Rafijah - Jah Iz
  5. Ras Bumpa - Taste Of Consciousness
  6. Kimbe Don - Time Is Up
  7. NiyoRah - Badness Will Bloody U
  8. Jahman - Young Crime
  9. Ickarus - Lead The Way
  10. Sagenjyah - Judgment
  11. Papa Black - Speed Dem
  12. NiyoRah - Blues Experience
  13. Ras Bumpa - Never Keep I Down
  14. Star Lion Family - I-land Hoppin'
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Total votes : 38
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Rafijah's wonderful "Jah Iz" and NiyoRah's awesome "Badness Will Bloody U" are two of the most outstanding tracks featured on this matching follow-up album to the two "Talking Roots" samplers, which were released in 2002 and 2005 respectively. These compilation sets lacked big (Jamaican) names, and therefore they might have been ignored or overlooked by many reggae fans. However that's a serious mistake, because both "Talkin' Roots I" and "Talkin' Roots II" contained alot of quality conscious reggae tunes.

Those who belong to the group of narrow-minded purists who persist that anything musical coming from Jamaica is reggae, are to be pitied. In recent years the musical reggae explosion that took place at the Virgin Islands has kept roots reggae alive, and although the sound often harks back to the vibes of Jamaica in the seventies, the efforts of bands like Midnite and Bambú Station and vocalists such as Batch, Iba, Dezarie, and Abja, to name a few, sound fresh and original because most of the times they come up with some interesting and appealing expressions in their lyrical and musical approach.

This brand new compilation is dedicated exclusively to the many singers, singjays, and deejays from the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas and St. Croix to be more specific). Except for Pressure (a.k.a. Pressure Buss Pipe), who recently entered reggae charts in Jamaica, the US, and Europe with the Don Corleon produced songs "Love & Affection" and "Ghetto Life", the artists featured here haven't been heard in the mainstream of today's roots scene. But for some of the artists that might change in the (near) future. Especially Ickarus, NiyoRah, and Ras Bumpa are names to watch for as their tracks fully show that they are top-notch talent. But don't be surprised when one of the other artists included on this very fine set of music is going to break big.

Star Lion Family, a seven-strong vocal tag-team who have been garnering acclaim since their debut opening for Sizzla back in 2000 and the release of their debut album "From The Heart" in 2002, dominate this set as they are featured on over half the tracks. Pressure is Star Lion Family's best known and most successful member so far, and "Firebun Day" once again shows his potential. Bandmate Niyorah has also achieved some acknowledgement with his two album releases for I Grade Records. Besides the already mentioned scorching tune "Badness Will Bloody U", he contributes the pleasing, soulful "Blues Experience". Rafijah, a versatile Star Lion bredren of hispanic heritage who is not only a singer but also musician, producer, arranger and emotive songwriter, impresses with the wonderful "Jah Iz", and also next member Kimbe Don succeeds in leaving a decent impression with his powerful, emotive vocal delivery in "Time Is Up". Last but not least Family member Ickarus delivers two great tunes, the album opener "I See Danger" and "Lead The Way". This artist has a distinctive vocal style and lyrically he keeps you involved till the very end.

When we turn to the non-Family members it's up-and-coming Ras Bumpa whose contributions shouldn't be overlooked. "Taste of Consciousness" belongs to the stand outs, while "Never Keep I Down" on a nice downtempo riddim is not far behind. The solid "V.I. Cowboy" combines the sweet vocal of newcomer Papa Black and the more rougher singjay style utilized by Jahold. The remaining tracks delivered by dub poet Sagenjyah, Star Lion Family and veteran artist Jahman don't appeal that much to us, but surely have enough quality to make them worth of hearing.

Credits for providing some great original backdrops go to the members of Bambú Station and guest musicians Leslie James, Paul Crimi, Casey Walker, Swann Richardson and Steve Davis. Make sure to pick up your copy of this worthwhile cd.