Various artists album review
Chich 13 - Dancehall Versions
Bakchich Records-Melodie
28 - 03 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Di Judgement - produced by: Wallace 'Red Rat' Wilson
  2. Adrenalin - produced by: Eric 'Junior' Delisser for Big Jeans
  3. X5 - produced by: Peter Jackson
  4. Gumm - produced by: Omar McNaught for Vibes Corner Productions Ltd.
  5. Battery - produced by: Jammy 'JAM 2' James
  6. Mutton Snappa - produced by: Snapple Dapple for size 8 Productions
  7. Celebrate - produced by: Ingo Rheinbay for Pow Pow Productions
  8. Outlaw - produced by: Robert 'Dubwise' Browne
  9. Glue - produced by: Richard 'Shams' Brown
  10. Itch - produced by: Frenchie for Maximum Sounds
  11. Good Vibes - produced and arranged by: Arif Cooper
  12. Original Mexican - produced by: R. Stephenson for Pot Of Gold Productions
  13. Double Jeopardy - produced by: CÚCile Charlton & Cordel 'Scatta' Burrell for Ceco Productions
  14. Mento - produced by: Lynford Marshall for fat Eyes Productions
  15. XM24 (Diwali) - produced by: Steven 'Lenky' Marsden for 40/40 Productions
  16. Jedi - produced by: Frenchie for Maximum Sounds
  17. Touch Your Girl - produced by: Donovan Germain for Penthouse Records
  18. Living Colours - produced by: Lynford Marshall for fat Eyes Productions
  19. Martial Arts - produced by: Cordel 'Scatta' Burrell
  20. Intercom - produced by: Frenchie for Maximum Sounds
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Lead Instruments : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

"Chich 13 - Dancehall Versions" follow up to the top notch riddims filled 1999 Chich release "Chich 8 - The Versions" falls in the same category as the recently reviewed Greensleeves release The Biggest Rhythms, sadly enough there are a few tracks appearing on both albums, but it is nice to see that actually a riddim that's featured in the "Greensleeves Rhythm Album" series that was not included on "The Biggest Rhythms" shows up here. Simply put: these are all supertight dancehall riddims, now also available for the CD-buyer who normally doesn't have the luxury of a 2LP set to have the riddim on one turntable, and a song pon it on the other, without making a copy of the CD. Named after Red Rat's self-produced tune the CD kicks off with 'Hard Drive' reminiscent "Di Judgement"-version, also been used for Bounty Killer's "W.A.R.R.", and Elephant Man's "War Beggar", up next is "Adrenalin" the high energy pulsating electro bounce Big Jeans' riddim, that backed Elephant Man's awesome "Cry High", the excellent "Not For Sale" by Assassin, Mr. Lexx's "High Top", "Honey I Sugar Pie" from Tanto Metro & Devonte plus "Rougher & Tougher" by Capleton, reviewed here, followed by the Poco/Bogle-styled "X5""-version, of which the vocal versions Capleton's killer "Tek It Off", Wayne Marshall & Elephant Man's awesome "After All" and more have been reviewed here. "Gumm" sounds like a more melodic latin version of "Adrenalin". "Battery" is the song closest to what I would ever describe as dancehall-waltz, not only used for the Ward 21 track that gave the name, but also Wayne Marshall "Not A Game", Elephant Man "War Izzle", T.O.K. "Permanent Pause" and Lady Saw "Kiss mi r@!!". "Mutton Snappa" is a great melodic Degree production with a great synth-riff used for Bounty Killer's "Wave Dem" and "All The Style" by Elephant Man as well as General Degree's own "Man Shortage" and Chico's superb "Not Obsession", some of these tracks were reviewed here. "Celebrate" is the great rootsy Pow Pow track that backed not only Gentleman's "Runaway", but also other great tunes like Beenie Man's "Nah Go Cry", Turbulence's "Celebrate", Degree's "Right Now", and Daddy Rings' "Call Me On The Telephone". "Outlaw" is a riddim with an almost weeping guitar on top of it, with a best vocal version by one of nowadays best female vocalists Tanya Stephens "It's Over Now", as well as being used for Degree "Rain" and Hawkeye's almost surreal "Slu Them Fast". The "Glue" riddim incorporates a hip-hop inflected drum beat, sparse keyboard patterns and a hooky "synth horn" line. This infectious top riddim has been reviewed here spawning tracks like T.O.K.'s "Murder", Elephant Man's "Miss Matty Son", Sean Paul's "Samfy I", Degree's "Immaculate", Ce'Cile's "Cherry Pie" and Mr. G's "Dig It Up". The "Itch" riddim is a nice synth-melody driven Frenchie production that has been used for Vegas "Too Much", Future Troubles "Shake" and T.O.K.'s "Straight As An Arrow", tracks that were reviewed here. The Arif Cooper produced "Good Vibes" riddim is the infectious melodic backing also known under the name "Trust" after the hitsong by Tony Rebel and Swade used for Sean Paul's excellent "Melt Away", Chico's very nice "Wonderful" and Wayne Marshall's "Set All Laws" as well as the CÚCile & Looga Man combination "Me And You", tracks that have been reviewed in the coverage of Jamdown Records' Riddim Ryders Vol.2. The Richie Stephens' Pot Of Gold produced "Mexican" riddim, here named "Original Mexican" riddim to avoid any mix up with the Jammy's produced riddim is a very strong track built by Computer Paul that was voiced with some very strong vocals, all reviewed here. CÚCile and Scatta's wicked "Double Jeopardy" riddim is the track that I felt was the one most inexpicably missing from the "Greensleeves Rhythm Albums" on their "The Biggest Rhythms" release, a review of the superb "Double Jeopardy" one riddim album can be found here. The Lynford Marshall and Colin "Bulby" York produced "Mento" riddim is based upon the traditional Caribbean mento riddim. Often described as the Jamaican variant of calypso, the uptempo mento tunes indeed resemble the original calypso style a lot. Featuring the excellent "Hot Girls" by Cutty Ranks, Admiral Bailey's amusing piece "Fire Inna Har Hole" and 'original' Major Mackerel with the best cut for the riddim entitled "Bad Ras" more vocal selections are reviewed here. I hope we live in a world now, where I don't have to add anything extra when I just say that "XM24 is actually the version of the now worldfamous Lenky produced "Diwali" riddim, that stormed the world through Sean Paul's "Get Busy" and to a lesser extent Wayne Wonder's "No Letting Go". Already included on Greensleeves "The Biggest Rhythms" and "Rhythm Album #27" Diwali. "Jedi" is another Frenchie bashment riddim, that has been voiced by the 'usual suspects' for Chich's Rhythm Choice Volume 10 with nice 7" releases by Ward 21 "Move Over" and Alozade "Rise Again". "Touch Your Girl" is a great minimalistic Donovan Germain Penthouse production featuring vocal samples of a man's "Ahah ahah" alongside a high pitched female "Aaaaaaa" that deserves some great voicings and recognition. "Living Colours" is the second entry from Fat Eyes' Lynford Marshall and Colin York, a big hit riddim named after just one of several big tunes on it by Sizzla. The "Martial Arts" riddim is another of those big Kings Of Kings productions by Scatta for Greensleeves, the hardcore riddim that spawned 2 Greensleeves One Rhythm Albums, of which the vocal versions on #22 are reviewed here and #23 reviewed here as well as getting included on "The Biggest Rhythms". This very strong collections of dancehall versions closes with the "Intercom" riddim, the Frenchie produced Mafia & Fluxy relick of Dennis Brown's "Revolution" mingled with Barrington Levy's, that spawned some very satisfying tunes as can be read in the review here of (Bak)chich "Rhythm Choice Vol.2". This already strong collection gives even more excitement when having laid your hands on some of the vocal cuts, and juggle with 2 CD players through the strong selection of riddims.


/ Souljah Green Beret Productions