Chimney Records ~ Singles Collection Vol. 1
Chimney Records
Pre-release Promo Copy
April 29, 2009

Track list
  1. Ball Out - Black Ryno
  2. Ball Out (Instrumental) - Jordan & Hizzle
  3. Children's Cry - Bramma
  4. Children's Cry (Instrumental) - Jordan & Hizzle
  5. Piece A Di Bomma - Bramma
  6. Voice Of The Ghetto - Bramma
  7. Voice Of The Ghetto (Instrumental) - Jordan & Hizzle
  8. Need Some Money - Bugle
  9. Need Some Money (Instrumental) - Jordan & Hizzle
  10. Speech Nah No Freedom - Bugle
  11. Speech Nah No Freedom (Instrumental) - Jordan & Hizzle
  12. Hustlin Forever - Demarco
  13. Hustlin Forever (Instrumental) - Jordan & Hizzle
  14. Mash Yuh Works - Demarco
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : -
Jordan McClure & David 'Hizzle' Hayle formed Chimney Records a few years ago. The two have been friends since preparatory school and both share the same passion and enthusiasm for first classical piano and later on dancehall music. After high school the two decided to create their own music and agreed to combine efforts to build their own label from scratch. Their first riddim called 'Natural Disaster' already showed their talent as producers and mixing engineers. Soon after Jordan & Hizzle started to build riddims for other producers, such as 'Gangsta Prayer', 'Cherry Tree' and 'Shoota' for Delly Ranx and 'Carrot Oil' for DJ Smurf. They also released various riddim jugglings on Chimney Records like 'Brazilian Wax', 'Trouble Mekka' a.k.a. 'Soul Seeka', 'Heat Stroke' and 'Ole Creep'. Currently Jordan & 'Hizzle' are working on several projects, including a new juggling for the summer and several new singles to be released soon.

It should be mentioned that some of these singles have been recorded before the new rules of the Jamaican Broadcasting Commission became effective. Therefore the edited versions of these songs are not fit for airplay under the current rules in Jamaica and maybe some other territories. Apart from the riddim jugglings Chimney Records have released many one-off riddims built especially for one tune by one artist and many of those tunes are collected on these three singles collections from which this is "Chimney Records ~ Singles Collection Vol. 1", with many of the riddims showing the classical piano education very prominent, making Chimney Records' riddims immediately recognizable and no matter how hardcore always listener-friendly. And almost every single is presented showcase-style i.e. followed by its smashing instrumental.

Portmore Empire's Black Ryno kicks off Volume 1 with the catchy "Ball Out" followed by a 3 tune (+ 2 instrumentals) Bramma 'D' Bommer showcase with the gospel-like reality of "Children's Cry", the amazing "Piece Of The Bomma" and the heavy "Voice Of The Ghetto" all with beautiful hardhitting riddims underneath, however all featuring some brilliant piano riffs, themes and chords. These tunes will almost surely be featured on the upcoming Bramma album on Chimney Records. Both Bugle with his money tune "Need Some Money" and the very impressive "Speech Nah No Freedom" and Demarco with the very strong "Hustlin Forever" and the absolutely brilliant anti-informer tune "Mash Yuh Works" clearly have been inspired to the max by the great riddims Jordan & 'Hizzle' gave them. And these 14 tunes should be released officially soon, just like the other tunes featured on the "Chimney Records ~ Singles Collection Vol. 2" and "Chimney Records ~ Singles Collection Vol. 3".