Various artists album review
Ching Chong
Black Shadow Records-VP Records
July 4, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Haters - T.O.K.
  2. Love All Girls - Beenie Man
  3. Can't Gwan A Jamaica - Elephant Man
  4. Guns & Girls & Ganja - Spragga Benz
  5. Wah Happen To Dat - Mad Cobra
  6. Good To Go - Rekha
  7. Hot Girls - Sasha
  8. Man A Bad Man - Beenie Man
  9. Pay My Bills - Lady Saw
  10. Grudge Yu Fa - Mr. Easy
  11. Empty Barrel - Kardinal Offishall feat. Blessed
  12. Keeping It Real - Chico
  13. Screamin Out My Name - Kevin Lyttle feat. Assassin
  14. Whining Time - Rupee
  15. Whop Dem - Machel Montano
  16. Divas Run The Town - Denise Belfo & Giselle D'Wassi One
  17. You're Not Ready - Denosh
  18. Ooh Ooh - Mr. Vegas
  19. Fight Us - Red Fox
  20. Ching Chong Riddim - Troyton Rami
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 5

Ever since its release when 2003 turned into 2004 the 'Ching Chong'-riddim has been ruling dances. For some strange reason the 'Ching Chong'-riddim album although released through VP Records isn't part of the Riddim Driven series. It's the latest album released by Troyton Rami's Black Shadow Records, the team also responsible for the hiphop flavoured 'Surprise'-riddim and the 'Buzz'-riddim that brought dancehall once again back into the mainstream as the beat under Sean Paul's "Gimme The Light". Is this new oriental percussion flavoured 'Ching Chong'-riddim that spectacular, justifying all the hype? Well, in fact it is. From the opener, T.O.K.'s fabulous "Haters" it's clear this riddim is serious business, as nobody will able to not start moving his body or nodding his head or shaking his legs. And that vibe is kept by Beenie Man's "Love All Girls" and one of Elephant Man's most convincing tracks this year, the - although straightforward gay-bashing - brilliant "Can't Gwan A Jamaica". The next tune has the perfect title for a Jamaican gangstermovie in the making, it's Spragga Benz catchy "Guns & Girls & Ganja". Veteran Mad Cobra contributes the fine "Wah Happen To Dat", before Rekha, who debuted with "Too Close" on the 'Buzz'-riddim, goes into the fine "Good To Go" and is followed by Sasha, who became famous as Sean Paul sidekick, but she shows here once again with "Hot Girls Like We" that she is able to fire up a party. Good old Beenie Man licks the riddim twice and his second tune "Man A Bad Man" is as fine as his first one. Lady Saw is also very impressive and shows in "Pay My Bills" she is much better DJing than she has been in her recent singing efforts. Mr. Easy's tune "Grude You Fa" is a great 'defend mi partying' tune, that really captures the dancehall vibes, and that great feeling is maintained by Kardinal Offishal & Blessed in their "Empty Barrel" makes the most noise". My man Chico is doing a gangster/love tune "Keeping It Real" and as usual it's a very entertaining contribution to the riddim. "Screaming Out My Name" has the man who suddenly became a popstar Kevin Lyttle alongside Assassin in a wicked combination over a steel pan driven version of the riddim. More socaish vibes are brought by Rupee in "Whining Time", Machel Montano in "Whop Dem" as well as by Denise Belfon & Giselle D'Wassi One in "Divas Run The Town", probably the first real Trini ganja-tune and a big big party tune, and Denosh' question to a boy with "You're Not Ready" incorporating some of Johnny Osbourne's "Ice Cream Love" lyrics and melody in her song before it's back to the Jamaican dancehall for Mr. Vegas' nice "Ooh Ooh" and Red Fox' "Fight Us". The brilliancy of Troyton Rami comes full up front in the version of the "Ching Chong RIDDIM". What a wicked collection of all killer no filler on a superb innovative catchy riddim.