Riddim Riddin Vol. 2 ~ Chinkuzi
South Rakkas Entertainment Inc
April 28, 2006

Track list
  1. Jamaican Style - Beenie Man
  2. Gal Fi Get - Bounty Killer
  3. Pan Mi Ting Deh - Ninja Kid
  4. Fireman's Anthem - Capleton
  5. Hot Sexy And Clean - Sizzla
  6. Good Buddy - Vybz Kartel feat. Roller Girl
  7. Faking - CÚCile
  8. Round And Round - Bigga Boss
  9. Gway - Lady Saw
  10. Ends Lock - Idonia
  11. Busy - Busy Signal
  12. Good Girl - Xsytment
  13. Digi Dugu - Razor
  14. Nice (Spanish Mix) - Escandalo
  15. Hot Girl - Lady Empress
    'Chinkuzi's Roller Girl Special'-riddim
  16. Good Buddy (Remix) - Vybz Kartel
  17. Bicicletta (Spanish Mix) - Proyecto Vega
  18. Gal Fi Get (Remix) - Bounty Killer
    'Chinkuzi's Revenge'-riddim
  19. Jamaican Style (Remix) - Beenie Man
  20. Light Up - Kid Fareigna
  21. Infamous - Hollow Point
    'Chinkuzi's Sweet 16'-riddim
  22. Break Of Day - Mr. Easy
  23. Lately - South Rakkas Crew
    'Chinkuzi's No Virgin'-riddim
  24. No Virgin - Bugsy Malone
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Orlando's South Rakkas Crew return with their long awaited 'Chinkuzi'-riddim - or should I say riddims - as Vol. 2 in their independent Riddim Riddin series. Following this production team's (of Jamaican Canadians in Florida - Dennis 'Dow Jones' Shaw, Alex 'Alex G.' Greggs and Brad 'Riprock' Daymond - ) earlier two big riddims released in Greensleeves Rhythm Album series: 'Clappas' and its successor 'Red Alert', and their riddim 'Bionic Ras', probably best described as a 2-step / speedgarage riddim, the kind normally blaring from carspeakers and estates in Harlesden in North West London and probably a tad too wild for the dancehall massive, is another riddim as much influenced by electronic dance music, breakbeat, hip hop and Miami-bass, described by Dow Jones himself as South Rakkas stripped down and built around an infectious groove. Kicking off the tunes over the main version of the riddim is Beenie Man's fine "Jamaican Style" followed by Bounty Killer's slack "Gal Fi Get ....", both however despite being fine tunes completely overshadowed by Ninja Kid's extremely impressive "Pan Mi Ting Deh" on which he uses the melody line of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons' "Working My Way Back To You" to full effect with South Rakkas Crew even incorporating fine doowop backing vocals to complete the overwhelming impact. Capleton's "Fireman's Anthem" might not be as impressive as his "Wha Dat" over 'Clappas' and "Real Hot" over 'Red Alert' were, it's still like Sizzla's "Hot Sexy Clean" guaranteed to get the crowd moving. Of course all these tunes are introduced with their immediately recognazible signature vocodered cut-up intro, although Roller Girl, who does the great backing vocals on Vybz Kartel's superb slack "Good Buddy" that could become a cross-over hit if its lyrics had been a bit more decent, kicks in first with her B-U-D-D-Y thats what we want from u guys good buddy good buddy on this one, followed by Ce'Cile's excellent complaint about the guy she took home not doing it right, forcing her to be "Faking". DJ Bigga Boss contributes the entertaining "Round & Round" with its rhythm of delivery emphasizing the soca influences in current hardcore dancehall. Lady Saw delivers one of her best tunes of late, and she already has been showing a consistent rise in form lately, making "Gway" a real pleasure to listen to. Idonia is upholding his status as one of the best hardcore DJs to burst onto the scene with "Ends Lock", as is Busy Signal with his thug tune "Busy". Xcytment, suddenly not billed as RDX here, show the same musical influences as Ninja Kid, incorporating "Big Girls Don't Cry" written by The Four Seasons' group member and main songwriter Bob Gaudio and their producer, Bob Crewe, in their "Good Girl", brilliant doowop-dancehall as well. Razor is in fine form as he shows on "Digi Dugu" before Escandalo (who also as a member of the Papichulo Crew contributed "Cho Cha" over 'Red Alert') contributes "Nice (Spanish Mix)" in Spanish and Lady Empress delivers the last take on the main riddim version, the poppy "Hot Girl". Vybz Kartel's "Good Buddy Remix" is the first tune over the Miami bass inspired bumping 'Chinkuzi's Roller Girl Special' once more showcasing both his great style of delivery and ability to entertain lyrically. Proyecta Vega take care of a second (very nice) Spanish tune on this album the "Bicicleta (Spanish Mix)" before Bounty Killer's "Gal Fi Get Remix" also is fitted seamlessly over this riddim. The 'Chinkuzi's Revenge Riddim' is tending much more towards the UK-style of 2-step/speedgarage that was so obviously present in South Rakkas' 'Bionic Ras'-riddim and it works (in my opinion once more) out great with Beenie Man's "Jamaican Style Remix" on top of it, followed by Canadian DJ Kid Fareigna's "Light Up" which is a more than adequate follow-up to his 'Bionic Ras' tune "Good, Good, Good" and Hollow Point's catchy "Infamous". 'Chinkuzi's Sweet 16 Riddim' is the more soca-ish version of the riddim, getting a full US R&B treatment by Mr. Easy for his "Break Of Day" that easily could make pop charts worldwide with adequate promotion and distribution and then this version of the riddim is also used for South Rakkas Crew's own "Lately" another soca/R&B partly vocodered jump up tune. And if you think these 23 tunes over 4 different riddims are the maximum you could take, you're wrong, as the 24th (and last) tune over the 5th version of the riddim is yet another absolute killer tune, over the incredible 'Chinkuzi's No Virgin'-riddim, a version built around an interpolation of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" that makes Bugsy Malone's "No Virgin" a brilliant way to finish this (5) riddim-album, that only fuels my opinion that South Rakkas Crew is one of the most forward dancehall production teams in the world. My usual complaint that this album does not contain any of the versions of the 5 riddims is neutralized by the tracklist stating *RIDDIM INSTRUMENTALS* - available on 7" and for downloads at www.southrakkascrew.com.