Earl "Chinna" Smith & Idrens
Inna De Yard
January 29, 2005

Track list
  1. Earl Flute - Home Grown
  2. Darajah a.k.a. Jah Youth - Well Ah O
  3. Israel Voice - All With Life
  4. Ade Culture - Judgement
  5. Earl Flute - We Got Love
  6. Ras Michael Junior - Medicine man
  7. Chinna - Satan Side
  8. Emmanuel I - Grow Spiritually
  9. Chinna - Mariwana
  10. Ken Bob - A Chapter A Day
  11. Chinna - Humble Servant
  12. The Maestro - Are You Ready
  13. Earl Flute - Daniel
  1. Interview with Chinna
  2. Session Inna De Yard
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
A couple of years ago French Makasound's first release, Winston McAnuff's "Diary Of The Silent Years", hit the streets and since then it has established itself as a highly respected reissue label known amongst fans of classic reggae music for its quality releases. Recently they launched the Black Eye imprint with the release of Steve Newland's "Reggae Soul" EP, and now there's a new label supported by Makasound called Inna de Yard. The first release on the label that focuses on acoustic recordings of renown and lesser known Jamaican artists, features master guitarist - also songwriter, singer, composer, arranger, and producer - Earl "Chinna" Smith.

Perhaps no other guitarist has had as much influence on Jamaican music, and certainly none as far as contemporary reggae is concerned, than Earl "Chinna" Smith, once member of the much celebrated Soul Syndicate Band, quintessential session musician and tour player. In a career that has spanned over three decades, Chinna has made a name for himself with countless recording sessions for reggaes biggest names, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Dennis Brown, Black Uhuru, Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer, and Agustus Pablo to name a few. Chinna has literally played with everyone in reggae lending his unique guitar sound and arrangements to well over 300 recordings, including many of reggae music's most memorable classics including Bob Marley's, "Rastaman Vibration" album. He also played guitar on several other sessions for Marley over the years, including several of the classic songs on "Exodus".

This notable acoustic set - recorded at Chinna's yard, Kingston 10, Jamaica, in August 2004 - features Earl "Chinna" Smith, The Maestro, Ken Bob, Emmanuel I, and Michael Henry a.k.a Ras Michael Junior on guitars; Jah Youth, Kiddus I, Kevin, Ken Bob, Emmanuel I, and Earl "Chinna" Smith on percussions; and Kush McAnuff on faraway drums. Chinna sings six self-written tunes including the title track of his 1991 released album "Home Grown", the excellent sufferer's tune "We Got Love" (performed by Freddie McGregor on his Niney produced "Mr. McGregor" album), and the wonderful "Satan Side", a tune Chinna recorded in the 1970s in combination with Horace Andy for producer Keith Hudson using his nickname Earl Flute. Also truly worth of hearing are the acoustic interpretations of "Humble Servant" and "Daniel". Other highlights are newcomer Israel Voice's "All With Life", Emmanuel I's "Grow Spiritually" and "A Chapter A Day" by veteran Ken Bob from African Brothers.

The CD comes with a bonus DVD featuring an exclusive interview with Earl "Chinna" Smith and images of acoustic sessions Inna De Yard.