Earl "Chinna" Smith & Idrens Vol. 2
Inna De Yard
November 9, 2008

Track list
  1. Earl "Chinna" Smith - Harvest Uptown, Famine Downtown
  2. Matthew McAnuff - Be Careful
  3. Kiddus I - Graduation In Zion
  4. Barry "Merger" Ford - Rebel
  5. Derajah - Who Yeah Yah
  6. The Viceroys - Detour
  7. Emmanuel I - Greater
  8. Earl "Chinna" Smith - Fade Away
  9. The Mighty Diamonds - Gnashing Of Teeth
  10. Binghy Carlton & Patrick Andy Can't Stop The Youths
  11. The Congos - Thief Is In The Vineyard
  12. Earl "Chinna" Smith - Six Strings
  13. The Viceroys Yahoo
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In July/August 2004 acoustic sessions were recorded at Earl "Chinna" Smith's yard in Kingston 10, Jamaica, and a few months later the final result of these recordings could be heard on the first cd in the "Inna De Yard" series, "Earl 'Chinna' Smith & Idrens". The album was received with critical acclaim (although there was also some criticism from reggae purists), sold extremely well (it's still the best-seller of the series) and was then followed by seven more albums featuring Linval Thompson, Cedric Myton, Ras Michael Junior and Junior Murvin to name only four, and a "Best of Inna De Yard" compilation set.

Four years after the initial recordings there's has been another recording session for the follow up to "Earl "Chinna Smith & Idrens". This brand new 13-track album, simply called "Earl 'Chinna' Smith & Idrens Vol. 2", has the same concept as its predecessor namely a couple of tracks done by 'Chinna' and the rest by others who came to his yard to participate in the sessions. Amongst them you'll find artists who previously recorded tracks for their own "Inna De Yard" album like for example Kiddus I, The Mighty Diamonds and The Viceroys. But there are also a few new names including Matthew McAnuff, Barry "Merger" Ford, Derajah and the combination Binghy Carlton & Patrick Andy, who deliver their goods.

When you listen to the tunes done by the newcomers you'll hear a few truly remarkable efforts including Matthew McAnuff's great "Be Careful" and Barry "Merger" Ford's wicked "Rebel". When it comes to established names it are Earl 'Chinna' Smith's "Harvest Uptown, Famine Downtown", Kiddus I's ever strong "Graduation In Zion", The Mighty Diamonds' "Gnashing Of Teeth", The Congos' "Thief In The Vineyard", and The Viceroys' "Yahoo" (also included on their own "Inna De Yard" set), that make a very good impression.

Overall opinion is that this "Earl 'Chinna' Smith & Idrens Vol. 2" is a worthwhile addition to the series, and a must-have for all who like to listen to 'reggae songs the way they were created'.