Reggae Anthology: Channel 1 Story - Chapter Two
17 North Parade
2 CD
July 3, 2008

The Mighty Diamonds - Reggae Anthology: The Channel One Story Chapter Two Track list
Disc 1
  1. Barry Brown - Stand Firm
  2. The Mighty Diamonds - Have Mercy
  3. Earth And Stone - Jail House Set Me Free
  4. The Wailing Souls - Jah Give Us Life
  5. Dillinger - Natty BSC
  6. Ranking Trevor - Caveman Skank
  7. Hell And Fire - Show Us The Way
  8. The Mighty Diamonds - Back Weh
  9. Don Carlos And Gold - Hog And Goat
  10. John Holt - Why Can't I Touch You
  11. Delroy Wilson - I'll Never Hurt You
  12. The Heptones - Every Day Every Night
  13. Leroy Smart - Wish You Good Luck
  14. Michael Palmer - Pon Your Toe
  15. Sammy Dread - M-16
  16. Barrington Levy - Soldier
  17. Little John - All Over Me
  18. The Wailing Souls feat. Ranking Trevor - War
Disc 2
  1. The Mighty Diamonds - Africa
  2. Earth And Stone - In Time To Come
  3. John Holt - Hooligan
  4. Leroy Smart - Badness No Pay
  5. Dillinger - Eastman Skank
  6. Black Uhuru - Sun Is Shining
  7. Earth And Stone - 3 Wise Men
  8. Leroy Smart - Sharon
  9. The Tamlins - Sweat For You Baby
  10. Leroy Smart - Have You Ever Been In Love
  11. Horace Andy - Girl I Love You
  12. The Mighty Diamonds - There Is No Me Without You
  13. Dillinger - Plantation Heights
  14. Michael Palmer - No More Lean Boot
  15. Yellowman - Mad Over Me
  16. Leroy Smart - Pride And Ambition
  17. Delroy Wilson - Mother Nature
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Joseph Hoo Kim opened the Channel One studios in 1972. In the early years most production work was done by ace producer Bunny 'Striker' Lee, together with engineer Syd Bucknor. Around 1975 Jo Jo and his brother Ernest were responsible for production and engineering. Deejay I Roy's 'Welding' and Delroy Wilson's 'It's A Shame' -a very nice recut of the 1968 Spinners' classic-, were the first hit tunes that came from the studio. However, it was the particular year that followed -1967- that Channel One began gaining notoriety for making hits.

The primary imprint was the Well Charge label. That name and logo is probably the most synonymous icon associated with reggae hits as well as the idea of hit making all together. In 1978 Jo Jo decided to move to New York and set up additional operations there. As he settled into his new surroundings in Brooklyn, the new Hitbound Manufacturing Co. marked a new chapter in the life and career of Jo Jo. From this point on Channel One saw the inception of its new discomix, Hitbound and proper Channel One label imprints as well as the short lived imprints Empire, E&J, and J&J. Hitbound remains one of the only fully-functioning vinyl pressing and dub cutting facilities in the US.

Chapter Two picks up where Chapter One left off.. in the middle of a great story of one of the greatest Jamaican labels ever. The first disc opens with the late great Barry Brown. He tackles the 'Bobby Bobylon' riddim with his awesome tune Stand Firm. Next comes one of the most popular tunes from the Mighty Diamonds. Have Mercy is based on 'Baby Why' by the Cables. Have Mercy was one of the 1976 follow ups to the hit 'Right Time'. Earth & Stone was an harmonic group consisting of Clifton Howell and Albert Balley. Their output was minimal and Jail House Set Me Free is a very fine roots effort. From Studio One to Channel One, the Wailing Souls have covered many a cornerstone of the reggae world. Disc One gives you two fine tunes. Jah Give Us Live To Life and the discomix War with deejay Ranking Trevor.

In 1976 Dillinger recorded the deejay cut of the Wailing Souls 'Things And Time'. The Souls first recorded it for Coxsone Dodd at Studio One. The tune was featured on Dillinger popular album 'Bionic Dread'. Just like Earth & Stone, Hell & Fire was a roots duo that came and went, and only recorded a few sides. Show Us The Way was one of their best tunes. Don Carlos cut Hog And Goat at Volcano for Junjo (without sparring partner Gold). The Channel One version with Gold became the more popular one. Delroy Wilson's I'll Never Hurt You comes in a 12 inch discomix. Leroy 'The Don' Smart was one of the most remarkable figures of reggae music in the 70s. He recorded several excellent tunes for the Hoo Kim brothers, Wish You Good Luck being one of his best. Before making it big in George Phang's Powerhouse camp, Michael Palmer cut this a fine piece of music on the Taxi riddim -Pon Your Toe.

Disc two opens with another smasher form The Mighty Diamonds, while reggae veteran John Holt reworks 'Hooligan' in fine 70s style. He recorded the song for Coxsone years before after leaving the Paragons. Dillinger returns with yet another classic tune from the 'Bionic Dread' album called Eastman Skank. The original Black Uhuru line-up (Ducky Simpson, Don Carlos en Michael Rose) voiced a fine version of Marley's Sun Is Shining in 1977. The Tamlins were a wicked harmony group. Their 'Greatest Hits' album on the JJ imprint is a must have for every reggae fan. Here you can listen to Sweat For You Baby, the opening track of the 'Greatest Hits' album.

Disc two brings you no less than 3 Leroy Smart songs. The finest of them has to be Pride And Ambition. Winston foster aka Yellowman released the classic deejay album 'Them A Mad Over Me' in 1982 on the JJ imprint. Mad Over Me was a hitsingle, but he did the same tune later for Junjo and it became a new hit. The Channel One version runs across the 'Shank I Sheck' riddim, while Junjo used the 'Stranger In Love' melody for Yellowman's toast. Horacy Andy delivers nice tune called Girl I Love You.

This awesome double cd comes with a 12 page booklet, liner notes written by Daddy Lion Chandell. Grab your copy and enjoy the music!